European Customer Success

Customer success is at the core of IDC's relationship with our customers.

IDC's European Customer Success Team strives to gain deep understanding of our customers' business and their mission-critical priorities with the ultimate goal of helping our clients to achieve their business objectives.

In practice, the support includes facilitating meaningful engagement with IDC analysts and helping clients derive value from IDC research.

The knowledgeable, highly experienced and friendly team delivers consistent experience with every interaction.

Meet the Team

Dorota Chrisp

Senior Director, Customer Success, Europe

I am an English graduate and a research professional with over 20 years' experience. I started my career teaching business English to college students in Paris, before becoming an information specialist in London. After working with businesses at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I joined IDC, connecting city clients and other organisations across Europe with IDC’s rich repository of research on the latest trends in technology and industry opportunities. As a leader of the European Customer Success team, I am intent on demonstrating to our customers value in the partnership with IDC and offering solutions that drive satisfaction.

Ashraaful Haque

Manager, Customer Success, Europe

I am a customer service manager at IDC Europe with over 10 years' experience working with large and small vendors, end users, investment banks and consultancies. With a bachelors degree and master's in marketing, my passion is helping client groups utilise services and promote content that helps them to make business decisions. In my spare time I am a fitness advocate with a keen interest in playing football and tennis and carry a passion for warm weather travel.

Jacqueline Karibo

Manager, Customer Success, Europe

I have over 10 years' experience in customer success strategies and meeting client needs across variozus industries. Having worked with IDC’s major clients since 2017, I support clients across Europe using my language skills in Danish and French to provide a customised approach. When not being a champion of customer success at IDC, you can find me travelling to tropical destinations.

Paul Richards

Senior Customer Success Manager, Europe

I have 20 years' experience in client services in the IT research and advisory service sector. My broad scope of understanding tech coverage helps to match key client issues and questions to IDC research coverage areas.

My study for BA Hon. in European languages (German) included six months living and working in Austria. Most recently my appreciation of a broad range of musical genres inspired me to start learning acoustic guitar.

Monsur Ahmed

Customer Success Manager, Europe

Monsur has a MBA in Human Resources that followed a bachelor’s degree in business management, but joined IDC to pursue his keen interest in technology and desire to work with technology vendors.

Previously Monsur worked in a client facing role at eBay with the buyer protection program and as a Customer Success Lead at City Transfers UK Ltd. His hobbies are collecting films and music and reading. He is interested in and follows UK and international politics and current affairs and has volunteered with his MP in the constituency and House of Commons.

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