Business Value Practice

Have you experienced the sales impact of being able to demonstrate the Customer Value and ROI of your Technology Solutions?

IDC’s Business Value Practice enables your clients to justify their potential investment in your IT solutions to their senior management or to the board. Transform the conversations that your sales teams are having from product features to customer value. Shorten the sales cycle, increase your conversion rate, and grow your revenues.

Why is Business Value Important?

43% more stakeholders are business buyers rather than IT. These users have transformation mindsets and are focused on business outcomes.

Many user organizations struggle with getting senior leadership or board-level buy-in for Technologyled Projects.

Transform your Sales narratives with metric and business outcome-based propositions and tools.

Business Value Practice Portfolio

IDC’s Business Value assets are designed to tell a compelling story about the value of your product/solution and enable your sales team and partners to have more successful conversations with their current and target customers.

To achieve this, IDC assembles a multi-disciplinary project team that will work with you to ensure that the BV assets created address:

  • Market challenges and trends – why the technology areas and product/solution are important in achieving specific business outcomes
  • Description and positioning of the product/solution
  • The Business value analysis of the product/solution – ultimately showcasing what is the proven value it will bring to adopters.

Portfolio and Process

Leverage our Business Value Methodology and Approach

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