Thought Leadership and Content Marketing Practice

In today’s market, buyers are smarter and more demanding than ever. They demand quality, engaging content that is accurate, research-driven, and insightful.

IDC European Consulting’s Thought Leadership Practice provides leading-edge quality content that elevates your brand image and associates your company with the latest technology trends.

More than 51% of marketers cite content quality as the biggest challenge to establishing credibility. Consider these points:

66% Tech marketers have increased their investment in content marketing by two-thirds.

Source: IDC’s Tech Marketing Benchmark 2016-2020

65% of tech buyers say their decision to read or view content is influenced by whether it is personalized.

Source: IDC’s IT Tech Buyer Survey 2020

#1 Digital sources of information (ads, websites, videos, webcasts, vendor emails and news feeds) are the top source of information for tech buyers across all stages of the buying journey.

Why is Thought Leadership important?

Fuels valuable, quality content

Targets the right buyer personas

Builds brand awareness

Builds a foundation of trust and credibility

Increases marketing ROI

Aligns marketing and sales strategies to capture today’s buyers

Thought Leadership and Content Marketing Practice Portfolio

The IDC European Consulting team will work with you via a highly collaborative process to develop a tailored program that ties-in with your overarching marketing strategies and specific campaign objectives.

Our Content Marketing portfolio is purpose built to help support your marketing objectives across the key stages of the buyer’s journey. Snackable and easy to digest assets support discovery through casual browsing and social sharing for Awareness building while our high-value, In-depth and authoritative hero content support goal-driven consumption in the Consideration phase. Finally, our Business Value assets support technology investment budget justifications in the boardroom and drive Purchase decisions.

Portfolio and Process

Leverage our Thought Leadership and Content Marketing Services Methodology and Approach

About IDC Custom Solutions in Europe

We are a diverse team of experienced Consultants supported by more than 1300 technology and industry subject matter experts in Europe and around the globe.

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