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As market volatility increases, we have put together a series of resources to help you focus on the areas in your business that will build success and drive growth.


5 Key Strategies to Grow Your TAM During An Economic Downturn

There are steps you can take to shield your brand from the worst and even grow your market during and after an economic downturn. Understanding your total addressable market (TAM) provides you with crucial guidelines for putting together your go-to-market strategy and marketing plan to navigate changing economic conditions.


Speaking the Language of the C-Suite

Almost half of the business areas who are buying tech are not in the IT department. But who are they? And how do you position your products and services to appeal to a wider audience?


Essential Building Blocks for an Effective Growth Strategy

Businesses are facing many factors such as price rises, inflation and supply chain issues that are impacting their growth. Strategy is key to success in uncertain and changing markets. In this eBook we look at the key building blocks to include in your strategy to help you build towards growth.


7 Data-Driven Solutions to Recession-Proof Your Business

Businesses are facing the impact of a recession on top the past few years of supply chain issues, political turmoil and a pandemic. What steps can organisations take to recession proof their business? We look at some of the data-led solutions that could help your business.


7 Tech Business Strategies to Accelerate Growth

With resources and budgets under scrutiny, where should you focus your efforts to accelerate growth? We look at the key strategies your business needs to be using.


The Technology Marketer's Guide to Thought leadership

Tech customers are relying on marketing-related information to educate themselves before speaking with product or sales. How do you create effective thought leadership for your business?


Guide to Leveraging Third-Party Content

Tech customers rely on marketing-related information over sales-related information at every stage of the buying process. Knowing how to get the most out of your content is crucial.


How to Make the Most of your Third-Party Content

Working with third-party analysts to build and deliver content drives measurable results. This guide looks at how to make the most of third-party content.


How to Use Data and Research to Grow Your Business

Data drives essential business growth initiatives such as improving customer insights and engagement. Learn how to use data and research in key areas that will drive business growth.


The Top 5 Reasons the Analyst Relations Role is Vital for Emerging Vendors

Emerging vendors can increase revenue, secure investment funding, and strengthen strategy through analyst relations. Explore why this role is vital with IDC's Dave Reinsel.


What Makes a Business a Success or Failure? Its Company Culture

A company is only as good as its people. Putting people front and centre of a business is key to success.


The Tech Marketer's Guide to Video Marketing

Video can help marketers generate new leads, but it can be expensive and time-consuming. This eBook gives insight into how to effectively use video to drive awareness and growth.

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