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Get Complete Visibility and Control of Your Cloud Expenses

The striking shift towards cloud in the past few years reflects the compelling benefits to expanding cloud initiatives. With its ability to fuel agility and innovation, cloud initiatives are key factors in most digital transformation (DX) efforts. Despite this, IDC estimates that 10-30% of cloud spending is wasted,* even as companies plan on spending more on cloud.

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What Can We Do For You?

Cloud Economics Framework


IDC understands that how your cloud is contracted, structured and used is key to its value delivery to your organization.


We deliver actionable, targeted recommendations. These recommendations identify key areas for improvement and their associated benefits. Action Based.

Cloud Economics gets you cost and performance value from your technology investments

  • Cost management and efficiency
  • Forecasting
  • Unused resources
  • Workload optimization
  • Discount options and licensing
  • Multi-cloud cost optimization
  • Tying costs to utilization
  • Continuous improvement
  • CSP cost benchmarking

How Will It Impact Your Company?

  • 25%

    Cost Reduction In One Year

  • 50%

    Defect Reduction During Test Phases

  • 60%

    Lower Incident Volumes In One Year

What benefits it brings?

Business Benefits

45% of organizations consider cloud expenditures their top IT expenditure priority, even as 90% consider reigning in the cost of IT delivery as a priority*. (****IDC Future Enterprise Resiliency & Spending Survey - Wave 1, February 2022, n=798) Flexibility is a key benefit of cloud, but cloud complexity makes it challenging to control costs without choking that agility. Many organizations put in place cost control mechanisms that defeat much of cloud's value.

IDC's Cloud Economics solves this problem by providing insights that drive improvement without introducing gatekeepers. While most cloud service providers supply dashboards or reports, IT organizations struggle to use these tools and their data effectively, particularly for communicating the costs and benefits to the business, and communicating investment choices.

Unlike traditional IT services, with cloud both the business and IT have their hands on the steering wheel. Cloud Economics gives the business the tools and insights to better manage their use of the cloud allowing them to balance cast with business benefit.

What You Get

  • Contracts and product
  • Billing data
  • Monitoring data
  • Architecture
  • Billing and monitoring data
  • Cost data
  • Solutions
  • Forecasting
  • Cost outliers and cost benchmarking
  • Optimization of workloads and cost
  • Workloads and utilization
  • Licensing
  • Performance and sizing
  • Architecture

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