IDC European Digital Leaders Hub

Access and discuss new and emerging digital topics with Europe’s Digital Leaders

Join the IDC’s Digital Leaders Hub to share your experience and knowledge about new and emerging digital and business topics in a confidential IDC network with your digital leaders' peers. If you enjoy listening, learning and sharing this is the right place and moment to connect and deep dive on topics that are closer to your and your organization’s heart. You know that being on top of digital and business challenges and setting the priorities right is crucial for your business, and in joining this team your ideas can flourish when interacting with other inspirational people.

Reasons to Join the Digital Hub

Handpicked Members

Members of the Digital Leaders Hub are handpicked for their personal commitment to and knowledge of digital and business topics. This is a community that sees the responsibility of Digital Leaders broadening the connection of technology and business functions to deliver value for the organization. Members sees this interconnection as the critical enabler for their company value and their industry growth and have the courage to lead the way.

Meet Bi-monthly

In practice, IDC hosts the group virtually on a bi-monthly basis, to discuss digital and business challenges, priorities, and trends, as well as enabling and emerging technologies supporting the Digital Business organization with leading analysts in the field. We will share experiences and digital projects, draw parallels, and see the world from someone else’s shoes, enabling participants to relate perspective to their own situations.

Confidential Network

The Digital Leaders Hub is a confidential network in which everyone is invited to share their experience, conscious of being in a protected environment where confidentiality is paramount. This confidentiality encourage free discussion and collective knowledge sharing.

Join the IDC European
Digital Leaders Hub

A community that meets virtually on a bi-monthly basis to discuss IDC’s thought-leading research and connect it to key challenges of the digital community. Use this as an opportunity to tap into IDC’s latest market insights being discussed by Europe’s leaders— a unique framework for the confidential exchange of insights and opinions.

The IDC European Analysts Team

Erica Spinoni is a senior research analyst for the European Research Team. Based in Milan, Spinoni supports IDC’s European Digital Business Strategies and IDC’s European Future of Work practices.

Erica Spinoni

Senior Research Analyst, European Digital Business and Future of Work

Martina Longo is a Senior Research Analyst in the IDC Digital Business Research Group.

Martina Longo

Senior Research Analyst, European Digital Business Strategies and Digital Natives

Duncan Brown leads European research for the Software, Services, Cloud, AccAD, and AI/IPA areas, as well as the Channels and Ecosystems research teams.

Duncan Brown

VP of Enterprise Research Europe

Thomas Meyer joined IDC in January 1999 and is currently responsible for managing IDC's Research Division in Europe.

Thomas Meyer

General Manager and Group Vice President, IDC Europe

Giulia Carosella leads IDC's European Digital Business Research.

Giulia Carosella

Research Manager, European Digital Business Strategies

Andrea Siviero leads IDC's European Digital Business and Future of Work Research group.

Andrea Siviero

Research Director, WW MacroTech, European Digital Business and Future of Work

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