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Not All Doom and Gloom

The Renewed Case for Digitalization in European Manufacturing

The European manufacturing industry has been hugely impacted by the pandemic and geopolitical tensions. In this situation, the case for digitalization has never been more compelling. Deploying the right digital technology plays an essential role because it is no longer just a matter of competitive advantage, but has now become a race for survival.

How the C-suite in manufacturing can thrive in a volatile, uncertain and complex business environment.

Manufacturing organizations will have to operate in an environment that will continue to be volatile, uncertain, and complex. At the same time, they will have to operate in a digital and sustainable economy.

We look at how C-suite's can help there businesses thrive in this environment.

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Meet the Team

Roberta Bigliani

Group Vice President, Head of IDC Insights and IDC Future of Work Executive Lead - Europe, IDC

Jan Burian

Head of IDC Manufacturing Insights EMEA

Stefanie Naujoks

Research Director, Manufacturing Insights Europe

Lorenzo Veronesi

Research Manager, EMEA

Gunjan Bassi

Research Manager

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