IDC Insights Introduces "PRIME"

Check out this trailer from Roberta Bigliani, Group Vice President, Head of IDC Insights and IDC Future of Work Executive Lead — Europe, in which she introduces the #IDCPRIME framework. If you have any questions, please click or tap on "Contact Us" at the bottom of this page.

Companies now operate in a digital and sustainable economy, and to thrive in this context, the CEO and C-suite need to find the right formula and balance they need to fix the present while at the same time preparing for the future. With our pool of experienced industry analysts, we have designed a simple framework to guide companies and institutions and help them focus on the five key elements of the “PRIME” framework:






To let you know more about PRIME, we have created the PRIME Show&Tell Series. As part of this series, IDC analysts host testimonials from various industries from both the business and IT side. This enables us to genuinely contribute to industry transformation, disseminating good practices and sharing facts and initiatives implemented by organizations operating across sectors, from manufacturing to healthcare, energy and utilities, retail, banking, insurance, transportation, and government.

The PRIME Show&Tell Series

The Purpose Wave: Unilever's Success Story

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Smart public health emergency management and ICT implementations

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PRIME your Industry! Trends that will shape 2021 and beyond

Advising on Technology in the Context of Industry

Discover more about our European Insights programs. Our experienced industry analyst team looks at the business and technology issues facing today’s IT leaders.

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IDC Europe and Central Asia Industry Insights Awards

The IDC Europe and Central Asia Industry Insights Awards clear the noise. They recognize truly groundbreaking and transformative projects that will PRIME the future of industries.

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