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Retail in a Purpose-led World

The Retail industry has entered a new shopping paradigm, a landscape in which old dynamics have been made redundant. Retailers need to assert a sense of purpose with consumers, redefine a role within their partners ecosystem, and rethink operations to be ethically, environmentally, and financially, sustainable.

Reversing the retail experience

What are the 4 key areas that retailers need to focus on to gain competitive advantage? In this video our retail insights team explore how changes in customer behaviour, supply chain issues and new disruptive tech mean that retailers need to change their focus to the back-end systems to improve customer experience and achieve growth.

Meet the Team

Roberta Bigliani

Group Vice President Industry Insights

Ornella Urso

Head of Retail Insights

Filippo Battaini

Research Manager, Retail Insights

Sofia Poggi

Research Analyst, Retail Insights

Cristiano Quattrini

Associate Senior Advisor, Retail Insights

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