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Retail in a Purpose-led World

The Retail industry has entered a new shopping paradigm, a landscape in which old dynamics have been made redundant. Retailers need to assert a sense of purpose with consumers, redefine a role within their partners ecosystem, and rethink operations to be ethically, environmentally, and financially, sustainable.

Retail in a Purpose-Led World

Retailers face demanding customers, greater accountability towards society, growing competitive pressure and tighter margins. Operating with a sense of purpose becomes key for retailers to define who they are and what they stand for in the eyes of customers, partners, competitors, and society. In defining their sense of purpose, retailers should consider the key priorities of customer lifetime value, online-offline integration, and smart supply chain. Find out more about retail business and technology trends, challenges, goals, priorities, and actionable insight to succeed in today’s purpose-led world.

Meet the Team

Filippo Battaini

Head of IDC Retail Insights, Europe

Roberta Bigliani

Group Vice President, Head of IDC Insights and IDC Future of Work Executive Lead - Europe, IDC

Ornella Urso

Senior Research Analyst, IDC Retail Insights

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