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Redefining Resiliency

We live in a global interconnected world, and systemic crises like COVID-19 are more likely than ever. The pandemic has demonstrated that resiliency is now a business imperative. Digital technology and processes have proven to be critical to modern enterprise resiliency. However, traditional approaches to business resiliency are not enough; these programs typically focus on safeguarding distinct enterprise functions or businesses on a fragmented basis. Traditional approaches to IT risk and disaster recovery are also being challenged. Old approaches have proven wanting. Organizations must not only respond fast to threats but also learn to opportunistically rise above them. Our new digital world calls out for a new technology-enabled approach to deal with future crises — this is what we call digital resiliency.

Source: IDC Research, 2020

The Digital Resiliency Framework

Digital Resiliency is the ability for an organization to rapidly adapt to business disruptions by leveraging digital capabilities to not only restore business operations, but also capitalize on the changed conditions. Within this context, the IDC Digital Resiliency Framework includes 3 phases of response to a crisis, six organizational dimensions that are all enabled with a shared technology / digital architecture for each dimension we outline critical business outcomes and link these to specific digital resiliency use cases relevant for each phase, enabled by specific technology investments.

Source: IDC Research, 2021

European Resiliency Metrics

The bar chart shows that operations and financial metrics are more relevant to be implemented by organizations in order to be resilient. After that, they consider workforce, brand and reputation, and customer and ecosystems metrics. Lastly organizations consider leadership metrics as part as their resiliency journey.

Q: Which of these categories of resiliency metrics does your organization implement?

Source: European Future Enterprise Resiliency – Wave 2, 18-28 February 2021 (n= 610)

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European Digital Resiliency Index

April 2021

IDC’s Digital Resiliency Investment Index provides a composite view of digital resiliency investment among all organizations worldwide and tracks targeted investments as a predictor of future levels of resiliency. It is comprised of two factors – digital core investments and digital innovation investments: together, they make up the Digital Resiliency Index Score.

Digital Core Investments
The extent to which organizations are investing in IT, digital transformation, cloud, security, and remote worker technologies – the core elements needed for digital resiliency.
Digital Innovation Investments
The extent to which organizations are allocating tech investments towards accelerating the business versus adapting to the crisis.
The combination of digital core and digital innovation investments.

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European Black Book Selected Technologies 2020/2021 Growth Rates

The bar chart compares 2021 forecast with 2020 and 2021 February forecasting cycles. IDC forecasts a higher growth compared to a pre-COVID-19 scenario for Personal Computing Devices, Peripherals, Server/Storage and IaaS. For the remaining technologies, the February 2021 forecast cycle still presents a decline.

Source: IDC Worldwide Black Book Live, February 2020 & April 2021 (V1 2021)

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Preparing for the Future:
Why Digital Resiliency is Imperative in Europe

In this IDC webcast, Margaret Adam, Giulia Carosella, Giorgio Nebuloni, and Erica Spinoni will focus on the concept of Digital Resiliency, answering the following questions:

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How Digital Resilient are European Organizations?

87% of European organizations fall into the medium-high risk category, meaning that they will need significant improvements in digital tools and capabilities to be ready for disruptive events.

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