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Winds of change can be defined as external forces shaping the market, either we are considering the whole market or the IT market. These forces have been in place for several months and years: at the beginning they were thought to be transient and not connected, but the current scenario proves it wrong.

As time pass, winds of change are becoming storms of disruption. Storms of disruption have four main features

They are company-specific, i.e., they affect companies differently, even if in the same industry

They are not temporary, i.e., they are here to stay, although they might change form

They are not standalone, i.e., they do not come alone

They are all interconnected, i.e., they influence and exacerbated each other

Storms of disruption impacting European organizations

63% of European orgs have created specific scenarios relating to the macroeconomic environment which would trigger pre-established adjustments of their 2023 budgets if they occur

Source: IDC European MacroEconomics Center of Excellence, 2023

Inflation Impact as a Common Denominator across Regions Exchange Rate, Supply-chain, Energy are hot European areas

Which of the following risk factors related to your organization’s tech strategies and budgets for 2023 concerns you the most? – Overall Rank

Worldwide North
Europe Latin
Impact of recession on
expected business revenue
Currency Fluctuation
Supply-chain constraints
Labor Shortages
Managing Demand for Cloud
in line with Budget Plans
Energy Shortages
Geo-political Turmoil

Source: Future Enterprise Resiliency & Spending Survey - Wave 1, IDC, January 2023. N = 985

Investment in Software will keep total ICT spending resilient to macroeconomic headwinds

February 2023 ICT Spending Outlook in Europe

Source: Black Book Live Data v. February 2023 (in Current Annual USD)

Inflation & Interest Rate Fear Awakened but Unemployment gives Positive Signs

Source: IDC European MacroEconomics Center of Excellence, January 2023

Managing the Storms of Disruption in EMEA: IDC's Midyear Tech Market Checkpoint and Recommendations

This IDC Web Conference provides a 2022 midyear overview of the EMEA ICT market landscape. According to recent IDC research, 71% of EMEA organizations' digital leads believe current market volatility and uncertainty will continue through much of 2022 and early 2023, affecting their business and digital plans for the months ahead.

Top 3 Regulatory Concerns of European Organizations for the Next Two Years

European organizations expressed their concerns and the impact the believe they will face from Regulations in the coming years of 2023 and 2024, when ask about it in the European Enterprise Acceleration Survey (n=1500). The survey was conducted in late 2022 and we found that the top three priorities for European organizations are in the domains of Cybersecurity, Data Governance and Sustainability.

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