Sustainability in EMEA

Business leaders in Europe are faced with mounting pressures: Investors, customers, employees, and regulators are demanding that they operate their businesses in a more responsible and sustainable manner. They are not only being held accountable for their company’s financial performance, but increasingly are also expected to minimize the impact of their business operations on the environment and have a positive impact on society.

As a result, sustainability is now a top business priority for many organizations.

Opportunities for Tech Vendors, Challenges for Tech Buyers

This eBook provides insights into the latest trends in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG)/sustainability space in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) — and what it implies for the technology industry and technology users. Significant opportunities as well as great risks are entailed, which tech buyers and vendors have to be aware of — and balance out.

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The Challenge of Moving from Ambition to Action

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Meet the Team

Katharina Grimme

Associate VP, Research and Practice Lead, EMEA Sustainable Strategies and Technologies

Zuzana Kovacova

Program Manager, EMEA Sustainable Strategies and Technologies

Angela Salmeron

Research Director, EMEA Sustainable Strategies and Technologies

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