Enterprise Mobility: Workspace and Deployment Strategies

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Bryan Bassett

Research Manager, Enterprise Mobility

IDC's Enterprise Mobility: Workspace and Deployment Strategies examines the evolution of mobile device deployments in the corporate market, the impact these devices have on modern-day workflows, and how cutting-edge mobile device ecosystems are shaping the future of global business strategies. This service provides valuable insight to hardware, software, and services vendors looking to better understand the opportunity mobile devices present in corporate environments and to individual business users. It analyzes mobile enterprise deployment scenarios, highlights imperatives for optimal management of mobile-enabled workforces, and illustrates vital challenges and considerations that arise over the course of mobile deployment life cycles. It extends coverage to mobile connectivity–based solutions that enable enterprises to capitalize on next-gen technology such as 5G and ruggedized mobile device solutions purpose built for both industrial and broader business enterprise deployment. In addition, it outlines the principal mobile device strategies of mobile operators, systems integrators, and other key channel providers.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Enterprise mobile device adoption and usage trends
  • Mobile enterprise supplier assessment/positioning
  • Corporate-liable (CL), BYOD, and CYOD strategies
  • Ruggedized mobile device trends among businesses
  • Corporate-liable and individual-liable mobile device market analysis
  • Dedicated mobile device deployments and demand
  • Procurement and deployment issues faced by IT organizations
  • Mobile vendor ecosystem business models and strategies
  • Enterprise/IT policies toward device and data usage
  • Mobile-enabled enterprise workers: Information, frontline, and hybrid
  • Top enterprise product attributes/customer needs and wants
  • Enterprise mobility management services

Core Research

  • Semiannual Business Use Device (Smartphone and Tablet) Forecast and Analysis
  • Mobile Enterprise Device Usage Patterns and Preferences
  • Demand-Side Business Device Adoption Trends
  • Enterprise Mobile Management Services Forecast and Analysis
  • Ruggedized Mobile Device Forecast and Analysis
  • U.S. Mobile-Enabled Worker Forecast and Analysis
  • Mobile Operator Enterprise Device Strategies
  • Mobile Enterprise Device Case Studies
  • Mobile Enterprise Device Supplier Competitive Analysis
  • Enterprise IT Decision-Maker Trends
  • Dedicated Mobile Device Forecast and Analysis

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. What is the adoption rate of mobile platforms within enterprise organizations, and how is it influenced by the pressures to mobilize business data by end users, business groups, and IT?
  2. How are enterprises addressing the needs of their hybrid workforces? What types of workers (remote, on premises, frontline, field) are enterprises targeting for increased mobile enablement?
  3. How should organizations approach corporate policy decisions regarding new mobile initiatives? What criteria and challenges should be prioritized or considered while planning a new mobile deployment?
  4. How will the challenges of deploying mobile devices in the enterprise evolve alongside the advent of next-gen technology such as AR/VR, enterprise wearables, foldables, and 5G?
  5. What are the usage patterns of mobile workers? Are usage patterns in line with the IT and management policies of enterprises?
  6. How are enterprise organizations managing their mobile device fleets and hybrid workforces? What services and software solutions are they using to maximize their ROI?