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Get actionable research, KPIs, benchmarks, and best practices for your technology strategy with IDC.

IDCIT Executive Programs

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Welcome to IDC's IT Executive Programs (IEP).
IDC makes it easy to access the relevant technology research and advice you need to make data-driven decisions as you lead your organization into the digital future.

With IDC's IT Executive Programs for technology buyers and executives, you get the research downloads and analyst calls you need.

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Digital First

These reports provide a framework for CIOs and their teams to create the strategies required to manage complex change and thrive in the digital-first era.

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  • Future Enterprise Planning Guides

    IDC’s new Planning Guides provide actionable research and peer insights to guide your organization’s transformation to a future enterprise. We put you in touch with the most relevant IDC research advice on a variety of digital transformation topics.

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  • DX Taxonomy & Use Cases

    IDC has developed hundreds of use cases for digital programs in over 20 industries. The cases outline specific projects, goals, business outcomes and key technologies. Chose strategic priorities, zero in on programs, and develop a long-term plan to achieve them.

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  • Future Enterprise Podcast Series

    Future Enterprise is a podcast for business and technology executives and offers applied examples from the field, showing technology trends in action. Whether it’s envisioning what the future of remote working will be like, or how organizations need to reshape their industries with digitally-enhanced products and services, or leveraging data for competitive advantages.

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  • Forging Business-Impact KPIs for the Digital-First Enterprise

    IT organizations must once again reinvent themselves to adapt and align with the requirements of the emerging Future Enterprise where IT is the business, and the future of IT is the future of the enterprise. Rethinking the IT organization requires a new set of business-impact KPIs that drive digital transformation and measure your organization’s core cultural, business, process, technology, and staffing initiatives to achieve business outcomes and keep your teams focused.

  • Future CIO: Leadership First For a Changed World

    The Future CIO is grounded in today’s realities and tomorrow’s possibilities — leading IT and the enterprise into the future. Discover the critical abilities that attribute to a CIO’s success

  • Digital Leadership Team Solution

    IDC's Digital Leadership Team Solution combines the power of a C-level community with accelerated leadership development programs, future-focused research and advisory services, and frictionless, flexible access to the full scope of IDC's resources for technology leaders. Discover how the Digital Leadership Team Solution can help CIOs and their teams accelerate digital maturity and build the foundation for Future Enterprise and digital business leadership.

Balancing Recession Constraints With Technology Imperatives

Discover the major challenges that CIOs must prepare for amidst a recession, our advice on resolving these items, and the proposed impact and results

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By 2023, 75% of organizations will have comprehensive DX implementation road maps, from 27% today, resulting in true transformation across all facets of business and society.

The IT Tech Buyer Research Team

Meet our key IT Executive analysts below. But that's only the beginning. IDC customers have easy access to analysts near and far with our 1300 analysts around the globe.

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Al oversees IDC's software development research portfolio.

Al Gillen

Group Vice President, Software Development and Open Source

Alison is a Research Manager for IDC’s Worldwide Outsourcing Services Team and leads the Worldwide Finance & Accounting, BPaaS and Analytics Services practice, which includes coverage or Procurement and Logistics Business Process Outsourcing Services.

Alison Close

Research Manager, Finance and Accounting, BPaaS, and Analytics Services

Alizabeth Calder, an adjunct analyst with IDC's IT Executive Programs (IEP), is the former CIO of HomeEquity Bank, a contributing writer to IT World Canada, and a best-selling author and sought-after keynote speaker.

Alizabeth Calder

Research Adjunct Advisor

Arnal focuses on software developer demographics, modalities of software development, trends in programming languages and other application development tools.

Arnal Dayaratna

Research Director, Software Development

Ashish leads a team of analysts who engage in delivering qualitative and quantitative research on computing, storage, and data management infrastructure platforms and technologies

Ashish Nadkarni

Group Vice President, Infrastructure Platforms and Technologies

Bill creates research focus on the accelerating demand by IT’s business customers for IT to effectively broker, integrate and manage IT technical services...

Bill Keyworth

Adjunct Research Advisor

Brad covers networking products and related technologies and platforms typically deployed in the datacenter.

Brad Casemore

Research Vice President, Datacenter Networks

Carl has performed research and analysis for IDC since 1997. Mr. Olofson’s research involves following sales and technical developments in the structured data management (SDM) markets...

Carl W. Olofson

Research Vice President, Data Management Software

Cora Carmody is a globally recognized CIO, having been appointed as the first CIO of Litton PRC (now part of Northrop-Grumman Information Technology) and most recently as the CIO of Jacobs Engineering.

Cora Carmody

Adjunct Research Advisor

Mr. Anderson is responsible for managing the research agenda, field research, and custom research projects for IDC's IT Education and Certification research program.

Cushing Anderson

Program Vice President, Business Consulting and IT Education

Dan leads a group of analysts covering all aspects of structured data and unstructured content processing, integration, management, governance, analysis, and visualization.

Dan Vesset

Group Vice President, Analytics and Information Management

David's research covers information access and artificial intelligence technologies including content analytics, search systems, unstructured information representation, cognitive computing, deep learning...

David Schubmehl

Research Director, Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence Systems

Denise provides coverage of mobile services and software solutions of key stakeholders across the enterprise mobility ecosystem.

Denise Lund

Research Director

Ron is a senior management consultant and professor who specializes in outsourcing and IT management (ITM) issues.

Dr. Ron Babin

Adjunct Research Advisor

A former CIO, Eric is the Executive Director of the IT Management and Leadership Institute, a contributing writer to, TEDx speaker, and a bestselling author and columnist.

Eric Bloom

Adjunct Research Advisor

Eric's core research coverage includes Storage Systems, Software and Solutions, quarterly trackers, end-user research as well as advisory services and consulting programs.

Eric Burgener

Research Vice President, Storage

Galen draws on more than 30 years of experience in technology and IT analysis and reporting, in particular, the selection and usage of digital technologies in business.

Galen Gruman

Adjunct Research Advisor

Gard's core research on digital transformation includes analyzing customer demand and vendor offerings for building new business processes, organizations and systems using cloud, business analytics, enterprise mobility and social business technologies.

Gard Little

Research Director, Global Services Markets and Trends

Gerry produces competitive assessments, market forecasts, innovator reports, maturity models, case studies, and thought leadership research.

Gerry Murray

Research Director, Marketing and Sales Technology

Holly is responsible for research related to enterprise content management, including records management and case management.

Holly Muscolino

Research Vice President, Content Technologies and Document Workflow

Jennifer's team explores and analyzes the development and adoption of datacenter resources, including the physical facilities and infrastructure contained and connected within it.

Jennifer Cooke

Research Director, Datacenter Trends and Strategies

Joseph guides business and technology executives leveraging technology to achieve innovative and disruptive business outcomes.

Joseph C. Pucciarelli

Group Vice President & IT Executive Advisor

Kuba's team research focuses on cloud computing infrastructure, next-gen application and database deployments, modular server design, as well as x86 and ARM server ecosystems.

Kuba Stolarski

Research Director, Computing Platforms

Larry focuses on the cloud enabled application development and directs research into the component competitive markets of cloud platforms and application services, including integration, analytics, application development, data management, IoT and cloud testing.

Larry Carvalho

Research Director, Platform as a Service

Lisa provides expert analysis focused on both the business services and software used to address HR and talent-related dimensions.

Lisa Rowan

Research Vice President, HR, Talent, and Learning Strategies

Marc focuses on digital business transformation. With over 25 years of experience in CIO, CTO, SVP of operations, and COO roles, Marc brings experience in business and technology operations and strategy, change management and organizational transformation, digital product innovation and development, agile product development, product marketing and management, social media and enterprise collaboration, and information publishing and content technologies.

Marc Strohlein

Adjunct Research Advisor

Mary joined IDC in 1988 and currently manages IDC's CRM and Enterprise Applications programs. As vice president of the CRM Applications Software program her primary responsibility is delivering leading qualitative and quantitative market sizing and analysis of the CRM software segments.

Mary Wardley

Program Vice President, Loyalty and Customer Care

Maureen examines the products and processes used for building, integrating, and deploying applications within an extended enterprise system.

Maureen Fleming

Program Vice President, Integration and Process Automation

Melinda provides thought leadership, expert opinion and analysis through comprehensive research on end-to-end application life-cycle management – from requirements to quality, testing, change, continuous release, process, project and portfolio management (PPM) with a focus on agile DevOps software life-cycle strategies.

Melinda-Carol Ballou

Research Director, Agile ALM, Quality & Portfolio Strategies

Mickey leads a team of analysts responsible for IDC’s coverage of the next generation of enterprise applications including ERP, financial applications, procurement, supply chain automation project and portfolio management, enterprise asset management, services resource planning (SRP) and related project-based solutions software and the digital commerce business network.

Mickey North Rizza

Program Vice President, Enterprise Applications and Digital Commerce

Mike focuses on strategic architecture. His core research includes leveraging strategic, enterprise, and business architecture to enable and accelerate digital transformation, creating effective architecture programs, and extending the concept of Technical Debt to an enterprise framework for understanding, managing, and avoiding unfunded technical liabilities.

Mike Rosen

Adjunct Research Advisor

Peter develops research focused on the lifecycle of application services markets which include Custom Application Development (CAD), testing, Application Management (AM), also referred to as ADM (Application Development and Maintenance), and Hosted Application Management (HAM).

Peter Marston

Research Director, Application Development, Testing, and Management Services

Phil provides detailed insight and analysis on evolving industry trends, vendor performance, and the impact of new technology adoption. Mr. Goodwin is responsible for producing and delivering timely, in-depth market research with a specific focus on Data Protection, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, and Data Availability.

Phil Goodwin

Research Director, Storage Systems and Software

Phil's research provides insights into how enterprises deploy mobile devices and applications, as well as management and security platforms. Key markets he covers include enterprise mobility management (EMM) and enterprise mobile security, including mobile data and threat protection, and mobile device security technologies.

Phil Hochmuth

Program Director, Enterprise Mobility

Ramon's core research coverage includes tracking and forecasting the United States wearables and augmented/virtual reality for IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Wearables Tracker and AR/VR Tracker respectively, analyzing the evolution of those categories, and the changing strategies of the vendors involved.

Ramon T. Llamas

Research Director, Mobile Devices and AR/VR

Rich assesses the development of UC&C products and solutions among vendors in the market and evaluates the adoption of the technology by enterprise customers contemplating the migration of their existing solutions.

Rich Costello

Senior Research Analyst, Enterprise Communications Infrastructure, Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C)

Rick is a senior member of IDC's IT Infrastructure research team, which assesses the evolution of datacenter design, placement and management strategies as well as the exploitation of rapidly evolving technologies in the areas of Big Data and Cloud. He develops IDC's viewpoints on the workloads driving adopting of converged and software defined IT solutions as well as strategies to enable more effective use of public and private cloud solutions.

Rick Villars

Group Vice President Worldwide Research

Ritu is responsible for managing the systems infrastructure research portfolio spanning topics such as cloud computing, software-defined infrastructure, cloud data management and protection, Infrastructure for artificial Intelligence, acceleration and automation, Big data analytics workloads infrastructure needs, and Digital Transformation- IT transformation infrastructure strategies.

Ritu Jyoti

Program Vice President, Systems Infrastructure Research Portfolio

Rob focuses on worldwide support and deployment services for hardware and software, and provides expert insight and intelligence on how enterprises should be addressing key areas for datacenter transformation.

Rob Brothers

Program Vice President, Software and Hardware Support and Deployment Services

Robert has had extensive experience as a CIO, including serving as the divisional information officer for two Sandoz divisions, as vice-president of IT for Henkel N.A., and as vice-president of IT for Cognis Corp. In these positions, Bob worked in Europe managing large international IT organizations, developing strategic IT plans, aligning IT to business goals, and consolidating global IT costs and organizations.

Robert Multhaup

Adjunct Research Advisor

Robyn provides insight and thought leadership in the areas of cloud security, mobile security, and security related to the Internet of Things (IoT). Robyn is also responsible for research and analysis around a wide range of evolving security markets, including endpoint security, security and vulnerability management (SVM), and identity and access management (IAM).

Robyn Westervelt

Research Director, Security & Trust

Rohit provides expert insight and analysis into global industry and technology trends as they relate to enterprise, datacenter, cloud and telecom networks including areas such as Ethernet switching, routing, wireless, application delivery and WAN Optimization, amongst other technology domains.

Rohit Mehra

Vice President, Network Infrastructure

Serge focuses on digital transformation leadership for business and technology executives. He also manages IDC's Information and Data Transformation practice, helping organizations successfully weather and capitalize on the changes brought about by today's disruptive transformation in information management.

Serge Findling

Vice President of Research, Digital Transformation

Stewart's core research coverage includes watching emerging trends that are shaping and changing data movement, ingestion, transformation, mastering, cleansing and consumption in the era of digital transformation.

Stewart Bond

Research Director, Data Integration and Data Integrity Software

Suya contributes to a broad range of research aiming to help IT executives make more effective technology decisions, with a particular focus on IT budget benchmarking and IT investment measures. She also supports numerous IDC MaturityScape benchmarking projects through data analysis and report authoring, specifically on digital transformation and 3rd Platform deployment.

Suya Xiong

Research Manager

As a member of IDC's Research Network, Thom Rubel draws on more than 25 years of experience in government and IT research organizations to deliver research and actionable advice to public sector IT and program executives specific to strategies, operations, IT/program alignment, and policies unique to public sector markets.

Thom Rubel

Adjunct Research Advisor

Tom manages IDC's Devices group, which covers a broad range of hardware categories including PCs, tablets, smartphones, wearables, AR/VR, thin clients, and displays. In his role as program vice president, he works closely with company representatives, industry contacts, and other IDC analysts to provide in-depth insight and analysis on the always-evolving market of endpoint devices and their related services.

Tom Mainelli

Program Vice President, Devices & AR/VR

Wayne is an experienced technologist, practitioner and analyst of enterprise social media, collaboration and analytics programs and responsible for the IDC Social, Communities and Collaboration practice.

Wayne Kurtzman

Research Director

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