Expert Guidance on the Digital-First Strategies Driving the C-Suite Agenda

IDC’s Future Enterprise Research

Scale, Trust, and Impact: Building a Successful Digital-First Strategy

By 2026, 40% of the total revenue for G2000 organizations will be generated by digital products, services, and experiences.

As we enter the digital business era, business leaders and investors must look for sustainable growth built on digital-first strategies. Digital transformation must yield to larger and more purposeful long-term goals as C-Suites ensure that their organizations focus on measurable business outcomes.

One of the key characteristics of the digital business is quantifiable business value creation enabled by digital. IDC predicts that by 2026, 90% of organizations that accurately quantify the value of their digital capabilities and assets will significantly improve their market valuation and competitive position.

IDC’s Future of X Research

Interested in learning how IDC’s Future of X research helps business leaders build successful Digital-First strategies?

IDC’s global research teams provide expert guidance to business leaders and technology suppliers on the digital strategies, requirements, and business goals driving the new CEO agenda.

With eight Future of X research practices, IDC provides the guidance businesses need to attract digital talent, make appropriate digital infrastructure investments, provide seamless connectivity, improve enterprise intelligence, implement data-driven operations, establish trust, improve customer experiences, strengthen industry ecosystems, and, ultimately, achieve measurable business goals and outcomes.

Each Future of X practice is global, cross-functional, and organized as a virtual team, combining thought leadership with industry-leading analysis of important technology trends and survey-based insights.

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