IDC’s Future of X Research

Expert Guidance on the Digital Strategies
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Scale, Trust, and Impact: Building a Successful Digital-First Strategy

IT spending is at an inflection point… by 2023, the percentage of enterprise technology spending on digital initiatives will grow to more than 50%!

Many businesses have implemented digital transformation strategies over the past five years and are now looking ahead to the next phase – building digital strategies to operationalize and capitalize on these initiatives.

As record IT spending returns to more sustainable levels, business leaders and investors will scrutinize annual IT spend and look for areas, such as cloud infrastructure, professional services, and software development, where they can reduce investment. Going forward, enterprises will need to be smart and disciplined about their digital strategies and focus on sustainable growth – and sustainable IT investment.

IDC’s Future of X Research

Interested in learning how IDC’s Future of X research helps business leaders build successful Digital-First strategies?

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IDC’s global research teams provide expert guidance to business leaders and technology suppliers on the digital strategies, requirements, and business goals driving the new CEO agenda.

With nine Future of X research practices, IDC provides the guidance businesses need to attract digital talent, make appropriate digital infrastructure investments, provide seamless connectivity, improve enterprise intelligence, implement data-driven operations, establish trust, improve customer experiences, scale digital innovation, strengthen industry ecosystems, and, ultimately, achieve measurable business goals and outcomes.

Each Future of X practice is global, cross-functional, and organized as a virtual team, combining thought leadership with industry-leading analysis of important technology trends and survey-based insights.

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