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IDCEmerging Vendor Solutions

Increase Market Awareness. Drive Business Growth.

As an early stage to mid-market technology vendor, driving greater market awareness, increasing lead generation, and gaining investor attention is critical for your success. Partnering with the right analyst firm can provide you with the opportunity to build third-party validation momentum and drive recognition across the tech ecosystem.

For nearly 60 years, IDC has helped growing technology vendors understand their competitive landscape, target key audiences, and develop strategies to help accelerate growth.

Market Awareness

Successfully bringing your brand to market can be a challenge for growing tech companies. Finding a trusted partner with years of experience in the market can help convey your message and validate your position in the industry.

Growth Strategies

Having an agile growth strategy in place is critical for digital native businesses looking to sustain their trajectory. Our tenured industry advisors have expertise in working with growing tech suppliers on setting the right strategic plan for their long-term success.

Analyst Relations

Developing partnerships with leading industry research analysts can provide you with the latest insights into the state of your industry. With over 1300 analysts worldwide, IDC’s experts can provide you with the data you need to make informed business decisions.

Content Marketing

Building trust with your audience is a key component to growing your customer base, and ultimately your business. Partnering with IDC instantly provides brand recognition and trust to senior business executives.

Channel Strategy

Developing an effective channel strategy can help companies determine where and how their consumers prefer to purchase their products. IDC advisors help determine the best plan to provide your consumers with a better overall experience.

Unique Solutions for Emerging Tech Vendors

Early Market Players

Technology innovators under $25M in revenue focused on driving awareness.

Market Intelligence Seekers

Powering repeatable growth with market and competitor context.

Business Expansion Architects

Scaling reach and growth in new markets and industries.

What Growing Tech Vendors are Saying

Our product is creating a new category. We needed help defining that new definition, as well as understand who our customers are and where to find them. By working with IDC’s analysts and advisors, they have helped us develop a strategic business plan to break into this new market.

With IDC’s analysts’ guidance and data-driven reports, we were able to make an informed decision on what our primary vertical should be. This allowed us to prioritize development and sales resources efficiently.

I have worked with IDC for years, and when I first joined our startup, I knew we needed to engage IDC. Their top-notch research and analyst interaction provides excellent insight and knowledge to help us tailor the message to our market.

I’m doing a lot of work with the VC Community and one of my key instructions to founders is to build their analyst relations team ASAP.

We are not a household name; we need partners that can help convey the message and validate the position about our company and industry.