India Digital Transformation Opportunities

IDC's India Digital Transformation Opportunities services delves deeper into the software and IT services market and examines how enterprises are evolving in terms of their intelligent core (enterprise applications — ERP, CRM, and supply chain), Big Data and Analytics and security and taking full advantage of automation technologies, end-to-end processes, and DevOps (microservices architecture, APIs, CI/CD, etc.) to support their digital transformation (DX) agenda. The program also includes research topics across multiple areas such as managed/outsourcing services, hosting services, and support and training services to provide a comprehensive analysis and opportunity in the overall IT services market in India. The service also provides the demand-side perspective, in-depth analysis, and forecasts on customer buying behavior that enables the vendors to take necessary actions.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Key drivers and inhibitors for adoption of DevOps methodologies
  • Modern application architectures (i.e., APIs and microservices)
  • State of security adoption in India
  • Managed services trends, market participants, and their positioning
  • Role of managed service providers in the hybrid and multicloud markets in India
  • Enterprise priorities and challenges in workplace deployments, expectations from next-gen digital workplace service providers, and vendor positioning
  • RPA adoption in India and adoption plans for next 3-5 years, business priorities, challenges, and expectations
  • Analysis of India enterprise applications (ERP and CRM) market, major vendors, their strategic road maps, and product updates
  • End-user buying behavior trends and expectations
  • Market overview on Big Data and Analytics
  • Impact of digital transformation on software markets: ERP, CRM, analytics, social/collaboration, and analytics
  • Tech buyer spending
  • Software/IT services vendor analysis

Core Research

  • Modern Consumption Models and Services:
  • Managed Cloud Services
  • IT Outsourcing Services
  • Next-Generation Infrastructure and Operations
  • Multi and Hybrid Cloud Management
  • Transformation Drivers:
  • Digital Workplace of the Future
  • Big Data Management and Analytics
  • Agile and Secure Applications and Services:
  • Enterprise Applications (ERP/CRM/SCM)
  • Application Transformation Services
  • DevOps: Ecosystem Study and Services
  • Next-Gen Security:
  • Security
  • Risk, Governance, and Compliance
  • Trust and Resilience

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. What are the market shares of the leading vendors, and what are their key strategies in certain application markets?
  2. What are the security challenges, priorities, and spending plans for buyers in India, and how can vendors address them?
  3. What are the top market trends and potential of the overall IT services, managed services, and support services market?
  4. In the context of digital transformation, what are the key decision criteria that enterprises prioritize in choosing their trusted services suppliers?
  5. How can enterprises adopt Agile/DevOps, containerization, and other emerging trends to drive competitive differentiation?
  6. What are the best practices in sourcing security services and building digital trust?
  7. What do end users say about their concerns and preferences regarding IT services procurement?
  8. What is the state of identity and digital trust market, key players, and strategies for growth?
  9. How do IT vendors keep abreast with the changing demands from the customers for upcoming and existing technologies?

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