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IDC Health Insights: Worldwide Value-Based Healthcare IT Transformation Strategies

IDC Health Insights: Worldwide Value-Based Healthcare IT Transformation Strategies provides in-depth research on the critical technologies for both public and private value-based initiatives. Research addresses the key challenges facing healthcare organizations and covers the following themes: analytics to drive workflow, machine learning to improve patient communication and its role in automation, the impact of financial insecurity and unmet medical needs on the industry and the response by IT suppliers, vendor assessment of the population health analytics market, and care management across the continuum of care. Research will continue to support healthcare organizations' digital transformation.


This service develops comprehensive data and unique analysis by focusing on topical surveys, primary research, secondary research, and insights from industry experts, practitioners, and vendors. Uniquely among analyst firms, IDC Health Insights has an integrated research model that includes the new and emerging intersections and changing relationships among all healthcare stakeholders.

Topics Addressed

Throughout the year, this service will address the following key themes:

  • The need for a data platform of integrated clinical, social, and human service data to support integrated care
  • The ability of current population health technology platforms to meet requirements of integrated clinical, social, and human service programs
  • The role of AI in process automation for population health management
  • Advances in predictive analytics
  • The use of chatbots to support patient engagement

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  1. How best should healthcare organizations introduce machine learning into their organizations?
  2. How should the post–acute care population health be introduced and managed?
  3. Why and how should organizations begin the journey of providing integrated care? What is the road map for digital transformation in value-based health?

Who Should Subscribe

This service is ideally suited for healthcare technology and business executives who are involved in establishing and managing value-based programs. Both health plan and provider chief executive officers, chief financial officers, medical directors, chief information officers, and vice presidents and directors of business units involved in accountable care will benefit from the research from IDC Health Insights: Worldwide Value-Based Healthcare IT Transformation Strategies.

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Meet the Experts
Cynthia Burghard

Research Director, Value-based Healthcare IT Transformation Strategies