European Internet of Things Ecosystem and Trends

IDC's European Internet of Things Ecosystem and Trends service offers a holistic view of the opportunities presented by the Internet of Things. The service addresses the wide range of use cases and vertical markets, as well as the many technology components, including sensors, gateways, connectivity, purpose-built platforms, analytics, security, application software and professional services. The research includes insights from extensive supply-side interviews across the ecosystem, as well as enterprise decision-maker survey results. It provides the insights needed for IoT suppliers to decide which opportunities to target and how to position for success.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Overall ICT market opportunity around IoT in Europe, with specific country insights
  • The importance and evolution of platforms, analytics and artificial intelligence within the IoT ecosystem
  • IoT opportunity for the various IoT Providers: software companies, services companies, hardware providers and telecom operators in Europe, with insights into end user preferences within each of these groups
  • The evolution of the IoT ecosystem IoT in key industry sectors including Insurance, Manufacturing, Automotive, Government, Utilities, Retail and others
  • Successful IoT implementations in Europe with insights into growing use cases and case studies, as well as best practices for scalability
  • Emerging IoT key themes, such as Edge Computing, Data Monetization and New Business Models
  • IoT Channel and Partner Ecosystem

Core Research

  • Market Analysis Perspective on the Internet of Things in Europe
  • European Internet of Things Market Analysis and Forecast, 2022–2026
  • IoT and Sustainability in Europe
  • Telco Strategies Across The IoT Value Chain
  • Service Provider Positioning in IoT
  • Evolving Enterprise Networks to Support Growing IoT Requirements
  • Enterprise Survey on IoT Security Perspectives
  • IoT Security Forecast
  • 5G IoT Connectivity Forecast
  • IDC Links and Flashes on European IoT developments
  • Multiple case studies on successful IoT implementations
  • Enterprise IoT Decision-Maker Survey
  • Smart Home Device Trends and Market Shares

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. What is the 360-degree view on IoT in Europe? How will the ecosystem develop, and where will traditional ICT vendors fit in?
  2. Which industries and use cases will be the next big opportunities?
  3. How will the IoT market be segmented, and which vendor types will be best placed to benefit?
  4. What are the end user preferences when considering and deploying IoT investments?
  5. How big is the IoT opportunity in Europe and how fast will it grow?
  6. What will be the most effective business models in the emerging IoT ecosystem?
  7. How will issues such as vertical specialization, analytics or the need for IoT at the edge affect future IoT deployments?
  8. What is the end-user sentiment towards IoT implementation, challenges and drivers?
  9. What do enterprise customers consider most important when selecting vendors to assist their IoT deployments?

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Meet the Experts
John Gole

Research Director, European IoT Practice

Marta Muñoz Méndez-Villamil

Senior Research Director and Lead Technology & Sustainability Practice, IDC EMEA