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European Intelligent Big Data and Analytics

Big Data and Analytics is a healthy and growing market, continuing to gain significant investment and attention from European organizations. IDC finds that organizations are increasingly taking a data-driven approach to running their business, where data is exploited as a business asset and leveraged to help transform and automate business processes. Organizations also have widening tool choices for managing and analyzing this data. Recently, machine learning, with its ability to adapt, learning from data, has provided new routes for organizations wishing to develop intelligent data tools and applications.

But as analytics use cases evolve, and the pace of technology innovation increases, companies are faced with the challenge of managing a diverse toolset and environment and integrating intelligent insights into core processes and business operations.

IDC's European Intelligent Big Data and Analytics research provides a coordinated view of the complex and vibrant market for Big Data, machine learning and analytics by combining software product-related research with coverage of the broader market opportunities, tools for success and a view of its dynamic ecosystem. The research describes markets and strategies for revenue growth and compares competing vendors in the marketplace. It identifies attitudes, trends, challenges and best practice in the adoption of analytics and big data for user organizations.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Big Data and analytics market developments
  • Big Data workloads and use cases
  • Business analytics and BI tools (end-user query, reporting, visual discovery and analytics)
  • Advanced analytics & machine learning
  • Self-Service analytics and data preparation
  • Big Data and analytics skills

Core Research

  • Western Europe Big Data and Analytics Software Forecast
  • Western Europe Big Data and Analytics Vendor Market Shares
  • European Big Data Technologies and Services Forecast
  • Big Data & Analytics FutureScape
  • Western Europe Market Analysis Perspective for Big Data and Analytics and AI
  • Western Europe Enterprise Performance Management Forecast

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. How is the European Big Data and Analytics marketplace evolving and developing?
  2. What are end-user spending expectations, technology attitudes, challenges risks and strategies?
  3. How is cloud, self-service analytics and machine learning impacting Big Data and analytics initiatives?
  4. What are the common current and future use cases utilizing both predictive and prescriptive analytics?
  5. How do machine learning platforms enhance the value from investments in data platforms/data lakes?
  6. Who are the leading Big Data and analytics vendors in the market and how do they compare?

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Meet the Experts
Erica Spinoni

Research Analyst, European Software

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AVP, European Software Group