Latin America: Future Enterprise

The business environment has been completely transformed in Latin America over the past decade, thanks to technology serving as a driver for digital transformation. This report series looks at some of the leading trends in the region in hot topics such as artificial intelligence, smart industries, work environment of the future, and technology buying behavior, among other topics.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • The Future of Intelligence in Latin America
  • The Future of Customers and Consumers in Latin America
  • The Future of Operations in Latin America
  • The Future of Industries in Latin America
  • The Future of Work in Latin America

Core Research

  • Five PDF documents using a combination of survey results, analyst knowledge, and IDC knowledge base of research to provide overviews of the Latin American current situation and recommendations for IT decision makers and vendors in the technology space

Key Questions Answered

  1. How is artificial intelligence being adopted in Latin America?
  2. How is the interaction with customers changing in Latin America?
  3. How are different industries progressing in their digital transformation initiatives in Latin America?
  4. What does the future of the workplace look like for the region?
  5. How are operational processes merging with technological solutions in Latin America?

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Meet the Experts
Diego Anesini

Program Director, Enterprise and Telecom Infrastructure Solutions, Latin America

Enrique Phun

Senior Analyst, Software, Latin America

Pietro Delai

Director, Enterprise, Latin America

Waldemar Schuster

Program Manager, IT Services, Latin America