Quantum Computing Trends and Strategies

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Meet the Experts

Photo of Heather West, PhD
Heather West, PhD

Research Manager, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group

IDC's Quantum Computing Trends and Strategies will provide insights into the quantum computing industry and market. It will review and showcase systems, platforms, technologies, services, adjacent quantum computing technologies such as post-quantum cryptography and quantum communication, and the kinds of use cases that are emerging in the quantum-only and hybrid quantum era. It will provide IDC's perspective on opportunities for vendors as they seek to offer technology stacks as a service to enable a variety of use cases related to quantum computing. The program will also size, segment, and forecast the market, deliver data-driven end user trends, and analyze the evolving ecosystem.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Quantum computing systems, platforms, and technologies
  • Quantum computing services
  • Adjacent quantum computing systems, platforms, and technologies
  • Adjacent quantum computing services
  • Quantum computing use cases and workloads
  • Quantum computing investments, market opportunities, and trends

Core Research

  • IDC's Worldwide Quantum Computing Taxonomy
  • Planning for Quantum Computing
  • Quantum-Classical Computing Workflows for Various Workloads
  • The Development of the Quantum Network
  • Quantum Computing Investment Trends
  • Quantum Computing Market Forecast
  • Quantum Computing Market Share
  • IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Quantum Computing Systems Vendor Assessment
  • Quantum Generative AI
  • Post-Quantum Computing Cryptography Adoption Trends
  • Quantum Computing in the HPC Space
  • AI as a Workload for Quantum Computing
  • IDC TechBrief: Post-Quantum Cryptography

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. Why should organizations begin investing in quantum computing?
  2. How and what business cases are organizations making for investing in quantum computing?
  3. What are the different options for consuming quantum computing? What is the case that vendors are making?
  4. What is quantum advantage? Can NISQ systems be used to gain a near-term quantum advantage? Why should organizations be interested in quantum advantage? What technologies or quantum solutions are available for organizations interested in exploring how quantum computing technologies can result in quantum advantage?
  5. Which are the leading vendors for quantum computing systems, platforms, technologies, and services?
  6. What are the various elements that go into consideration when evaluating quantum computing as a service?
  7. What are the challenges that organizations face when considering quantum computing? What are their plans for as-a-service consumption?
  8. What is post-quantum cryptography? Why is it important? How can organizations begin to protect their data for the onset of the quantum computing era?
  9. How large is the worldwide quantum computing hardware? How large is it as a service market? How will this market grow over the next five years?