Macrotech Trends and Strategies

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Meet the Experts

Photo of Andrea Siviero
Andrea Siviero

Senior Research Director, MacroTech, Digital Business, and Future of Work

Photo of Elisabeth Clemmons
Elisabeth Clemmons

Research Analyst, Thought Leadership Group

Photo of Lapo Fioretti
Lapo Fioretti

Senior Research Analyst, Emerging Technologies and Macroeconomics, IDC

The Macrotech Trends and Strategies program will provide a comprehensive overview of macroeconomic challenges and forces, highlighting their impact on worldwide organizations' digital plans and investments. This will include real-time analyses of impactful events that could be potential drivers or disruptors of the ICT market, a regular update on ICT spending trends across regions, in-depth insights on digital regulations and policies, and key countries' digital strategies and next-horizon plans. It will equip customers with the tools to react quicker to disruptions and seize opportunities faster by updating them with rigorous qualitative analyses based on IDC's global research and surveys (e.g., IDC's Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending Survey) on a timely basis.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

This IDC worldwide Macrotech Trends and Strategies CIS provides a comprehensive view of the increasingly intertwined connection between the macroeconomic and the digital world. It highlights how macroeconomic factors and forces impact the digital landscape and vice versa — how emerging digital trends impact more and more worldwide economies, becoming, in turn, macroeconomic winds of change themselves.

The program pivots around five pillars of research:

  • Digital market disruptors and drivers: Providing a timely, reactive view to unexpected macroeconomic events and their impact on technology markets
  • Big macro themes: Offering a holistic picture of the key big themes shaping the evolution of the digital landscape
  • The ICT spending pulse: Serving as a regular update on worldwide ICT spending, qualitatively analyzing key dynamics behind that and comparing it with economic indicators
  • Regulations and policies: Providing an overview of key digital regulations and policies across regions and industries
  • Country digital programs and strategies: Analyzing key country digital programs and strategies, highlighting their digital initiatives and the underlying government stimulus

Core Research

  • WW Quarterly ICT Market Pulses
  • The Big Macro Themes and Their Digital Impact
  • Top 10 Worldwide Economies' Digital Plans and Strategies
  • WW Digital Regulations and Policies Radar
  • AI Regulations Across the World: Will the EU AI Act Remain a Unique Case?
  • Generative AI: A Worldwide Economic Impact Analysis
  • The Digital Economy — Tech-Generated Employment and GDP
  • The Quantum Preparedness Act in the United States

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. What are the latest macroeconomic events, and what are their impact on the IT markets?
  2. What are the big ongoing macroeconomic themes impacting the digital world?
  3. How much will worldwide ICT spending grow this year and the following ones?
  4. What are key laws, policies, and regulations that are impacting opportunities in the IT industry?
  5. What specific country-level digital programs and strategies spur opportunity for IT investment?