IDC Government Insights: Asia/Pacific Government and Smart Cities Digital Strategies

The IDC Government Insights: Asia/Pacific Government and Smart Cities Digital Strategies research advisory service advocates for outcomes-centric digital government public policies and innovative technological investments. Its research centers on agile change management practices that enact focused national, state, or local/city government road maps; realize personalized and automated 360-degree engagements (e.g., future citizens and digital twins services); engage both IT and non-IT decision makers; leverage innovative strategic sourcing techniques; impart in-depth cybersecurity and privacy know-how; recommend successful paths to achieve future workforce, culture, and spaces ideals; and showcase the best practices of managing self-sustaining and resilient digital socioeconomic sectors.


Our research is highly customized with information acquired through IDC Government Insights' proprietary research methodologies. Our ongoing collaborations with industry experts, government CIOs and line-of-business executives, and IT product and service providers help shape the relevance and value-add of our research findings. Importantly, our analysts typically work closely with our subscribers to ensure that we continually curate leading-edge and relevant topics in our ongoing research publications. Our analysts are also available to provide personalized advice and guidance for government executives and IT vendors alike to help them make better-informed decisions.

Topics Addressed

Throughout the year, this service will address the following topics:

  • Digital national government analyses on key national technology and functional segmentations (e.g., healthcare, education, and urban-rural development)
  • State/local "live, learn, work, and play" forecasts for Smart Cities (e.g., autonomous vehicles, disaster response, utilities, water management, and land use and planning)
  • Strategic technological five-year-based foresight of Asia/Pacific digital national government and Smart Cities, including taxonomies and growth horizon opportunities
  • IDC MaturityScape frameworks and benchmarks, government opinion surveys, and in-depth case studies
  • Myriad analyses of innovations in governance frameworks, change management, program management, implementation best practices, compliance norms, and vendor market dynamics across key functional digital government domains such as public order and safety, transport, utilities, water management, education, and healthcare
  • Accelerated digital adoptions and the relevance of cybersecurity in eservices
  • Evolving citizen-centric ecosystem as part of public-private partnerships
  • Relevance of data policies by the governments to enable a conducive data sharing environment

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  1. What are the latest emerging technology trends, use cases and definitions, and best practices in achieving valued digital national or state/local government transformations?
  2. How are Asia/Pacific digital national governments and Smart Cities investing in IT while focusing on socioeconomic resilience to attract essential talent pools and investments?
  3. Which policies and initiatives are shaping digital national government and Smart Cities' investment strategies, especially in today's post-pandemic and economic crisis contexts?
  4. How are governments better engaging their stakeholders such as citizens, business, and the government enterprise itself?
  5. Which technologies will have the greatest outcomes-based impact and value creation on digital governments?

Who Should Subscribe

The IDC Government Insights: Asia/Pacific Government and Smart Cities Digital Strategies research advisory service is ideally suited to support government IT innovation promotion and strategic operations entities. Industry-specific software providers and systems integrators as well as investment bankers with an interest in the government market will find this service valuable in gaining insights into their government prospects' needs and required digital transformation competencies, thereby also gaining an appreciation of the overall regional investment trends.

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