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Publication date: 23 Jan 2024

Winners Named in First Annual IDC Future Enterprise EMEA Awards


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Hundreds of submissions were received from organizations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa

London, January 23, 2024 - IDC, the premier global provider of market intelligence and advisory services, today announced winners and runners-up in all categories representing the first annual IDC Future Enterprise EMEA Awards. The annual awards program calls for the nomination of technology buying organizations who are on the leading edge of innovation, digital transformation and operation excellence. In its inaugural year, the program received submissions spanning over 15 industries and over 600 organizations.

IDC’s Future Enterprise Awards are a way for organizations to showcase how they have operated and invested to compete in the digital business era. The Future Enterprise is a framework for fostering a digital-first culture by leveraging trusted industry ecosystems, generating revenue from empathetic customer experiences, and adapting to complex customer requirements. All of which is supported by a digital infrastructure that is intelligent, empowered and well-connected.

“The organizations recognized in the first annual IDC Future Enterprise EMEA Awards have demonstrated the ability to successfully operate in the digital business era,” says Meredith Whalen, Chief Research Officer, IDC. “The highlighted initiatives are clear examples of new business models that are excelling as digital businesses.”

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More about the IDC Future Enterprise EMEA Awards:

Digital Infrastructure

Overall Winner: Green Cargo AB. Project Name: Digital Composable Enterprise

First Runner Up: Vodafone. Project Name: Vodafone Turns to LaunchDarkly’s Feature Management Technology for Increased Release Frequency, Improved Team Collaboration and Better Production Reliability

Second Runner Up: Deutsche Bank. Project Name: Deutsche Bank Database Migration to On-Prem Cloud and Modernisation Initiative


Overall Winner: Henkel. Project Name: Driving Digital Transformation and Creating Leading Digital Solutions at Henkel Worldwide

First Runner Up: Koçtaş. Project Name: Artificial Intelligence Powered Auotmated Mobile Robot (AIPR)

Second Runner Up: AgeSa. Project Name: AgeSA Enterprise Agile Transformation


Overall Winner: Emirates Health Services. Project Name: Digital Integrated Healthcare Screening Program: Emirates Health Services, UAE

First Runner Up: BSH Home Appliances Group. Project Name: BSH AIM


Overall Winner: Research Computing Services, University of Cambridge. Project Name: University of Cambridge: Zero Carbon Future

Customer Experience

Overall Winner: Emirates Health Services. Project Name: Use of Intelligent Algorithms for Analyzing Customer Sentiments and Driving Engagement Strategy

First Runner Up: Elsevier. Project Name: Driving Global Scientific Progress through Customer Experience Analytics at Elsevier

Second Runner Up: DHL Group. Project Name: Speech & Interaction Analysis  


Overall Winner: DOST Digital Innovations Center. Project Name: “Labour and Employment” Subsystem


Overall Winner: Roche. Project Name: Roche Data Mesh Unlocks Data Insights at Scale with Self-Service Platform

First Runner Up: Emirates Health Services - Intelligence for Transformative Health. Project Name: Using Next-Gen Enterprise Data & AI Program “EHS Intelligence” for Transformative Health and Well Being in UAE

Second Runner Up: Bank ABB – International Bank of Azerbaijan. Project Name: ABB AI Factory


Overall Winner: Aksigorta. Project Name: Smart Scoring with AI

First Runner Up: BSH Home Appliances Group – GDS Global Digital Services – DPS Digital Platform Services. Project Name: BSH GDS B@B Brilliant@TheBasics – An Initiative for Operational Excellence

Second Runner Up: Hyperoptic Ltd. Project Name: Hyperoptic SAP S/4HANA Digital Transformation

About the Future Enterprise Awards:

The world is moving from digital transformation (DX) (as we know it) to Digital-First. DX started with transformation from analog to digital. With contextualization, digital-first becomes the next evolution in DX. Digital is a permanent, yet dynamic fixture in this world. Digital-first applies to any entity searching for a digital-based capability or enhancement that could improve our lives and desired outcomes. As we anchor ourselves in a digital-first world, one thing is clear. Organizations, private or public, large or small, will need to leverage technologies in an accelerated fashion to thrive. And the ones that can close the new digital gap through the greatest business value impact will become market leaders of tomorrow. These leaders are the Future Enterprises. To learn more about the Future Enterprise Awards, please visit

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