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2023 Key Sustainability Trends and Developments in EMEA


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Table of Contents

  • Executive Snapshot

    • Figure: Executive Snapshot: 2023 Key Sustainability Trends and Developments in EMEA

  • New Market Developments and Dynamics

    • Key Trends in 2023

    • The Energy Crisis Accelerates Decarbonization and Diverts Attention

    • Figure: Impact of Rising Energy Prices on Business Cost

    • ESG Disclosure Challenges: Calls for Transparency

    • Sustainable Supply Chain

    • Circularity: Driven by the Rollout of Digital Product Passport Requirements

    • Acceleration of Sustainable Business Transformation

    • Figure: Key Elements of Sustainable Business Transformation

    • Skills Shortage Calls for New Leadership

    • Outlook: What Are the Newly Evolving Topics?

    • Beyond Decarbonization, New Environmental Topics Are Evolving

    • Pressure from Society and Consumers Intensifies in Europe

    • The Low-Hanging Fruit has been Picked: The Search for a Business Case

    • Danger of a Tech Backlash

    • Broader Trend Forming Against the Current Economic System

  • Advice for Technology Suppliers and Services Providers

    • Expand Your Sustainability Capabilities Beyond ESG Reporting

    • Build Environmental Solutions Beyond Decarbonization

    • Target Sectors with High and Hard-to-Abate Emissions

    • Build Out a Strong Partner Ecosystem and Collaborate

    • Accelerate Your Own Sustainability Journey and Be Transparent About Your Achievements — and Shortcomings

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    • Related Research

    • Synopsis