target audience: TECH BUYER  Publication date: Jan 2021 - Document type: IDC PlanScape - Doc  Document number: # US47332020

IDC PlanScape: IT Security — Building Enterprise Cyber-Resilience

By:  Mike Chapple


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Table of Contents

  • IDC PlanScape Figure

    • Figure: IDC PlanScape: Executive Summary of IT Security for Building Enterprise Cyber-Resilience


  • Why Is Building Enterprise Cyber-Resilience Important?

  • What Is Building Enterprise Cyber-Resilience?

    • Cyber-Resiliency Goals

    • Cyber-Resiliency Objectives

    • Cyber-Resiliency Techniques and Approaches

  • Who Are the Key Stakeholders?

    • The Role of Executive Leadership

    • The Role of the CIO and IT Leadership

    • The Role of Technology Leaders

    • The Role of Business Leaders

  • How Can My Organization Take Advantage of Building Enterprise Cyber-Resilience?

    • Conduct a Cyber-Resilience Assessment

    • Develop and Implement a Prioritized Remediation Strategy

    • Integrate Cyber-Resilience into the Systems Development Life Cycle

  • Advice for Technology Leaders

    • Immediately: Prior to Budget Completion

    • Next Six Months: Include in Budget

    • Over 12–60 Months

  • Related Research