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IDC PlanScape: Integrating 5G in Healthcare


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Table of Contents

  • IDC PlanScape Figure

    • Figure: IDC PlanScape: Executive Summary of Integrating 5G in Healthcare

  • Executive Summary

  • Why Is 5G in Healthcare Important?

    • Key Benefits of Deploying 5G in Healthcare

    • Figure: Healthcare Spending Expectations for 5G

  • What Is 5G in Healthcare?

    • 5G Performance Features

    • Spectrum

  • Who Are the Key Stakeholders?

    • Table: Key Healthcare Stakeholders' Roles and Responsibilities in 5G Use Case Adoption

    • Figure: 5G Use Case Decision Makers

  • How Can My Organization Take Advantage of 5G in Healthcare?

    • Figure: Decision Tree for 5G Adoption in Healthcare

    • Conduct a Connectivity Inventory

    • Determine the Public/Private 5G Needs

    • Identify Preferred 5G Use Cases

    • Figure: Top 5G Use Cases in Healthcare

    • Telemedicine and Virtual Visits

    • Private Versus Public 5G?

    • Remote Patient Monitoring/Hospital at Home

    • Private Versus Public 5G?

    • Tele-Emergency Services

    • Private Versus Public 5G?

    • Immersive Medical Education, Training, and Treatment

    • Private Versus Public 5G?

    • Access Control/Asset Tracking

    • Private Versus Public 5G?

    • Telesurgery

    • Private Versus Public 5G?

    • Establish KPIs and ROI Measurement Strategy

    • Table: Representative List of 5G Providers

  • Advice for Technology Buyers

    • Know What You Have and What You Need

    • Start Small

    • Find an Experienced Partner

    • Figure: Preferred 5G Partners/Vendors

    • Glean Best Practices from Early 5G Adopters in Other Industries

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