target audience: TECH BUYER  Publication date: Apr 2023 - Document type: IDC Perspective - Doc  Document number: # US50562323

Microsoft's Quantum Computing Strategy: A Pragmatic Approach to Quantum Advantage

By:  Heather West, PhD Loading


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Table of Contents

  • Executive Snapshot

    • Figure: Executive Snapshot: Microsoft's Quantum Computing Strategy

  • Situation Overview

    • Company Overview

    • Quantum Computing Strategy

    • Developing the Quantum Ecosystem

    • Microsoft Azure Quantum

    • Quantum Computing Technology

    • Future Outlook

  • IDC's Point of View

  • Advice for the Technology Buyer

    • Preparing for the Quantum Future

    • Assess Organizational Quantum Needs Against QCaaS Offerings

    • Seek Development and Consulting Service Offerings

    • Build Flexibility into the Quantum Initiative

    • Develop Use Cases with Vendors Demonstrating Domain Expertise

  • Learn More

    • Related Research

    • Synopsis