Security and the
Future of Trust

State of the European Security and Privacy Markets in 2024

This eBook provides a wealth of information designed to help vendors and MSSPs capitalize on an expanding addressable market. You will read about the main drivers impacting the market in the region. This eBook lays out the key security domains and both gives evidence and provides explanations around why security is recession-proof in the region, based on IDC data forecasts.

Trust has emerged as a significant weapon in the European IT security team's arsenal when demonstrating how security is a direct enabler for business outcomes.

Driven by this business outcomes focus, Security is recognized as a business enabler rather than a blocker by 69% of European organizations, according to IDC's research.


Discover the latest insights and top trends that are driving change in the security space

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Meet the Team

Duncan Brown leads European research for the Software, Services, Cloud, AccAD, and AI/IPA...

Duncan Brown

VP of Enterprise Research Europe

As research director for IDC's European Security practice, Joel Stradling leads the content...

Joel Stradling

Research Director, European Security

Dave Clemente is a Research Director in IDC's European Security practice, with a focus on cloud security and SIEM/SOA

Dave Clemente

Research Director, European Security

Mark Child is research manager for IDC’s European Security group. Mark has a specific...

Mark Child

Research Manager, European Security Solutions

Ralf Helkenberg is a research manager with the European security research team, responsible for leading...

Ralf Helkenberg

Research Manager, European Security Solutions

As research manager for IDC’s European Security group, Romain has a specific focus on network security...

Romain Fouchereau

Manager, Security Appliance Program, European Systems and Infrastructure Solutions

Richard Thurston leads IDC's European Security Services program. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the technology sector, working as a journalist and analyst in a number of research, insight and thought leadership roles in cybersecurity and communications service providers.

Richard Thurston

Research Manager, European Security Services

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