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Enterprise Private Cloud

The growth of cloud-based application and computing services continues to have a profound impact on the server and storage industry. Adoption of public cloud-based IT services is affecting the demand for on-premises infrastructure hardware at enterprises. Companies building cloud environments are emerging as major consumers of server and storage systems, and their demands are affecting storage hardware and software development efforts, as well as the supplier landscape for this market. IDC's Enterprise Private Cloud service provides forecasts, competitive assessments, and buyer preferences regarding server and storage infrastructure for cloud builders. This includes market size and forecasts, insights into deployment architectures, factors driving “build” versus “rent” options, and the different infrastructure strategies used by cloud builders.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Server and storage infrastructure consumed by public cloud builders
  • Infrastructure strategies used by public cloud builders
  • Spending on storage hardware and software by builders of private and public clouds
  • Impact on commercial storage offerings from ODM direct storage and public cloud IaaS offerings
  • Factors affecting build versus rent choices at public cloud service providers

Core Research

  • Storage for the Cloud: Storage Infrastructure Consumption for Private and Public Clouds
  • Compute for the Cloud: Server Infrastructure Consumption for Private and Public Clouds
  • Primary Research into the Needs and Challenges Faced by Cloud Service Providers
  • Growth of ODM Direct Hardware in Public Cloud Infrastructure
  • Forecast of Storage and Server Infrastructure Consumption for Private and Public Clouds

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. What is the spending on servers and storage infrastructure by cloud service providers?
  2. What capabilities and functional requirements are shaping cloud service providers' investments in storage hardware, software, and professional services?
  3. How do cloud service providers and other web-enabled service providers make the tradeoff between “build” versus “rent” options for their underlying infrastructure?
  4. What are the emerging changes in the supply chains and hardware options for cloud infrastructure?

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Meet the Experts
Jed Scaramella

Program Director, Storage and Data Management Services

Natalya Yezhkova

Research Director, Storage Systems

Richard L. Villars

Research Vice President, Datacenter & Cloud