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Internet of Things: Consumer

IDC's Internet of Things: Consumer report series provides market intelligence on the evolving ecosystem of connected consumer and smart home applications and devices as well as the emerging intelligent assistant device category. This research program delivers a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the enabling technologies, protocols, devices, services, platforms, and vendors that compete in the consumer Internet of Things (IoT) market. It investigates demand-side perspectives on consumer attitudes toward and usage of internet-enabled products and services – both within and outside of home settings – and provides insight into vendor strategies, market positioning, and future developments.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Semiannual reports on the adoption of internet-enabled consumer devices and services across a broad range of categories, including shipments, revenue, installed base, and household penetration
  • Consumer awareness, understanding, and the adoption of consumer IoT devices, applications, and technologies
  • Consumer IoT use cases such as home monitoring, security, automation, and control, as well as networked entertainment in the home, personal health and wellness, transportation, and connected leisure, retail, and hospitality experiences
  • Developments of consumer IoT technology and services, including intelligent assistants, voice and gesture interfaces, security, home automation protocols, and wireless versus wired networking and connectivity technologies
  • Taxonomy of the consumer IoT ecosystem: market organization, key segments, technologies, and applications
  • Consumer IoT software platforms
  • Vendor strategies, partnerships, and channels to market
  • Evolution of connectivity, standards, and issues with interoperability

Core Research

  • Forecasts of consumer Internet of Things device unit shipments, revenue, installed base, and household penetration
  • Worldwide home networking forecast and analysis
  • Forecasts on consumer intelligent assistant-embedded devices
  • Worldwide networked video entertainment devices forecast
  • Demand-side perspective on consumer attitudes toward and usage of advanced digital applications and consumer Internet of Things
  • Worldwide smart home device connectivity forecast and analysis
  • Taxonomy of the consumer IoT ecosystem
  • U.S. and worldwide home Internet of Things forecast and analysis

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. How are consumer IoT devices, services, and applications being adapted by households across the globe?
  2. How will successful consumer IoT platforms and technologies develop?
  3. What role will wireless and landline broadband service providers play in the connected home, and how will they drive the market for networked applications?
  4. How will the adoption of various devices impact the consumer experiences and expectations of tomorrow?
  5. How do attitudes toward and the adoption of consumer IoT applications and technologies differ across geographies, age, gender, and income levels?
  6. What role will service providers play in consumer IoT, and how will they drive the market for networked applications?
  7. What role will new interfaces, including voice and gesture, play in advancing consumer IoT adoption?
  8. Who are the market leaders in each technology segment, and what are their strategies for success?
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Meet the Experts

Adam Wright Senior Research Analyst, Internet of Things: Consumer
Carrie MacGillivray Group Vice President, Internet of Things & Mobility