IDC Government Insights: United States Government Digital Strategies

Governments require digital resilience — a new approach to creating and delivering products or services with increased agility, flexibility, and scalability. Major themes of this research program include AI and the future of intelligence, cloud platforms and ecosystems, future-of-work (FOW) technologies, digital sovereignty, and providing equity in health and human services. Agency challenges include the increasing complexity of both the technology and the mission environment, requiring CIOs and line-of-business organizations to work more closely with a broader spectrum and growing number of vendors and external providers to successfully achieve outcomes. Many governmental agencies are deploying digital technologies coupled with organizational, operational, and business model innovation to create new ways of operating and delivering services and information.


This IDC Government Insights: United States Government Digital Strategies research advisory service provides insights into government digital transformation. This service publishes research based on client priorities, use-case studies, government survey data, and best practices in government digital operations. Thought leadership pieces that include federal mandates and legislation as well as federal government drivers, challenges, and benefits from deploying digital operations solutions are centerpieces of this service.

Topics Addressed

Throughout the year, this service will address the following topics:

  • AI and the future of intelligence, including responsible and ethical AI
  • Cloud platforms and ecosystems, including managing cloud sprawl securely in governments, and how agencies are increasing citizen, partner, and agency engagement
  • The future of work, including organizational skills and technological innovations
  • How agencies are approaching digital sovereignty and the key technologies deployed
  • Providing equity in health and human services, including complying with data privacy regulations and enabling beneficiaries to achieve their full potential
  • How vendors can assist agencies in achieving programmatic outcomes with evidence-based results

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  1. How are government agencies approaching and implementing new technology such as AI, the future of intelligence, and FOW?
  2. How are agencies deploying these new technologies to improve performance, and can this lead to a focus on outcomes?
  3. What are the winning strategies for working more closely with a broader spectrum and growing number of vendors and external providers to successfully achieve digital transformation?
  4. How can agencies securely share data across ecosystems to leverage resources and holistically provide services?
  5. Which technologies such as cloud, AI, collaboration platforms, and security are shifting the way government agencies conduct business?

Who Should Subscribe

This service is ideally suited to government technology buyers, government line-of-business decision makers, and technology vendors that need an up-to-date understanding of government use cases, maturity in adopting new technologies, insights into best practices, and relevant and timely advice on steps to take to improve mission effectiveness.

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Meet the Experts
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Research Vice President, Government Digital Transformation Strategies