IDC Government Insights: Europe, Middle East and Africa Government Citizen Services

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Meet the Experts

Photo of Joe Dignan
Joe Dignan

European Head, IDC Government Insights

Photo of Louisa Barker
Louisa Barker

Senior Research Manager, IDC Government Insights, Europe

Photo of Massimiliano Claps
Massimiliano Claps

Research Director

Photo of Remi Letemple
Remi Letemple

Senior Research Analyst, IDC Government Insights

A perfect storm has hit the public sector — the pandemic, climate change, the cost-of-living crisis, heightened citizen expectations, and significant economic stimuli. These economic stimuli offer governments a once-in-a-century opportunity to reimagine their economies — to deliver net-zero locations and high-performing public administrations and to improve populations' quality of life and wellbeing. For example, the European Union is pumping €800 billion into the region's economy via the European Commission's NextGenerationEU recovery instrument. Leveraging data and technological innovations will be critical to realizing this opportunity. IDC Government Insights: Europe, Middle East and Africa Government Citizen Services offers frameworks and insights for government executives and their partners; reveals how leading organizations are sourcing, implementing, and using technology; and provides data to drive better social, economic, and environmental outcomes for public administrations and citizens.


IDC Government Insights: Europe, Middle East and Africa Government Citizen Services provides insights into national, regional, and local citizen-centric services. It builds its expertise and knowledge from survey data, use cases, and best practices, garnered through primary and secondary research. Team members maintain ongoing communication with industry experts, government sector players, and technology vendors and are available for analyst consultations with subscribers.

Topics Addressed

Throughout the year, this service will address the following topics:

  • Government citizen-centric investment priorities, including where recovery funding is being channeled
  • Best practices and use cases related to business processes and technologies, aimed at delivering secure, trusted, and inclusive citizen-centric public services
  • How technology and data are being used to ameliorate governments' most pressing challenges, from climate change mitigation and adaptation to the cost-of-living crisis
  • How governments can measure the social, economic, and environmental ROI of their digital initiatives
  • Using data to inform decision making, engage transparently with constituents, and collaborate with private sector organizations
  • Analysis of new ICT- and ESG-related regulations, with an emphasis on their impact on government ICT spending
  • The responses of government agencies to major trends

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues critical to your success in the European market:

  1. What are the key market trends and challenges facing government operations and strategies in the years ahead?
  2. What are the impacts of IT investments on the service delivery models of government agencies, and what technologies — such as cloud, big data, and artificial intelligence — are most relevant when implementing citizen-centric tools across government agencies?
  3. How are emerging business needs driving the intelligent use of data in government?
  4. How do governments reconcile the need for innovation with legacy management?
  5. How can government agencies create more joined-up, inclusive, sustainable, and proactive services to their citizens, and what technologies are they using to do so?

Who Should Subscribe

IDC Government Insights: Europe, Middle East and Africa Government Citizen Services is ideally suited to support government technology buyers, government line-of-business decision makers, and technology vendors that need an up-to-date understanding of government use cases and maturity in new and emerging technology adoption, insights into best practices, and relevant and timely advice on steps to take to improve the effectiveness of citizen experience.