Europe, Middle East and Africa Sustainable Strategies and Technologies

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Meet the Experts

Photo of Angela Salmeron
Angela Salmeron

Research Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa Sustainable Strategies and Technologies

Photo of Katharina Grimme
Katharina Grimme

Associate VP, Research and Practice Lead, EMEA Sustainable Strategies and Technologies

Photo of Zuzana Kovacova
Zuzana Kovacova

Program Manager

IDC’s Europe, Middle East and Africa Sustainable Strategies and Technologies service aims to investigate the impact the ICT industry has on key sustainability subjects — people, corporations, communities, and the planet — beyond the obvious economic consequences. It provides a framework for technology providers and users to understand how technology can become an enabler to help achieve sustainable development goals.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Setting criteria and standards to measure vendors' own performance regarding environmental, social, and governance indicators
  • Providing an objective, accurate, and quantifiable assessment of individual vendors’ track records in achieving sustainability goals
  • Assessing vendors' portfolios of commercial products/solutions that enable their respective clients and technology user organizations to meet their own sustainability goals and challenges
  • Highlighting not-for-profit activities and the impacts of technology in wider communities
  • Identifying corporate social responsibility activities for which the sole purpose of technology deployment is altruistic (case studies)
  • Determining how end-user organizations are shifting their buying decisions based on sustainability considerations

Core Research

  • IDC PeerScape: Societal Impact and Tech4Good Initiatives
  • IDC PeerScape: Diversity and Inclusion
  • Digital Society Impact Index Methodology
  • Digital Society Index 1: Equipment Vendors
  • The European Union and the Legislative and Regulatory Framework Governing Sustainability
  • The Circular Economy and Technology
  • Sustainability and Printer Vendors
  • Supply Chain Transparency and Sustainability
  • Digital Society Impact Index Methodology
  • Datacenters and Sustainability
  • Digital Society Index 2: Datacenter Providers
  • Schneider Electric's Sustainability Strategy

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. Which environmental, social, and governance categories are routinely reported in corporate social responsibility studies?
  2. How can vendors benchmark themselves against competitors in the context of their environmental, social, and governance performances?
  3. Which environmental, social, and governance categories are considered critical in financial ranking, brand appeal, and employee engagement?
  4. How can technology (AI, IoT, cloud, blockchain, etc.) help organizations achieve their own sustainability initiatives (software to track goods, supply chain optimization, carbon-footprint tracking, etc.)?
  5. How can sustainability impact the future of organizations' operations?
  6. How are vendor selection processes affected by sustainability?
  7. How does sustainability affect supply-chain transparency?