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Managed Cloud Services

IDC's Managed Cloud Services provides a comprehensive look at the shift of traditional outsourcing managed services to managed cloud services involving the full breadth of options including private, public, and hybrid clouds across the full array of required technologies to deliver any of these types of clouds: applications, infrastructure, and endpoint devices. This program examines buyer adoption patterns of these services along with digital capabilities impacting these services (such as IoT, cognitive automation, mobility, analytics, and social); assesses the ecosystem of service providers as well as partnership models with public platform providers; and provides benchmarking and road maps of transformation of both buyers and providers as they evolve their capabilities for these services.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Worldwide managed cloud services trends and opportunities
  • Shifts in buyer needs for traditional outsourcing and managed cloud services
  • Public cloud platform provider partnership strategies for managed cloud services
  • Deal analyses by vendor, vertical industry, geography, and scope of services
  • Managed workplace endpoint services and network outsourcing managed services
  • Thought leadership on market, industry, and financial impact of managed cloud services on traditional outsourced services
  • Impact of the Internet of Things and automation on outsourcing and managed services
  • Service integration and broker management services

Core Research

  • Worldwide Managed Cloud and ITO Services Forecasts and Analyses
  • Deal Analyses for Top 100, Semiannual Trends, and Managed Cloud Services
  • Top 10 Worldwide and U.S. ITO and Managed Cloud Service Providers
  • Competitor Analysis of Managed Cloud Service Providers
  • Buyer Studies on Adoption of Managed Cloud Services and IoT
  • IDC MaturityScape and Benchmarking for Managed Digital Services
  • Thought Leadership on the Evolution of and Business Models for Managed Cloud Services

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. What is the global revenue opportunity for ITO and managed cloud services by different engagement types (public, private, and hybrid)?
  2. Which service providers have leveraged their competitive advantage to increase market share for managed cloud services?
  3. How are outsourcing and managed services contracts evolving?
  4. How will public cloud providers impact outsourcing managed services?
  5. How will managed cloud services be leveraged in this market?
  6. How will endpoint management evolve with the increased use of mobile devices and new delivery models?
  7. Where are opportunities for automation and IoT?
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Meet the Experts

David Tapper Program Vice President, Outsourcing and Managed Cloud Services