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Enterprise Mobility: Platforms and Security

Digital transformation starts with mobility. Organizations with untethered business processes and ubiquitously accessible IT resources will be better positioned to compete and thrive in the digital economy. To this end, software platforms that create, deploy, manage, and secure all aspects of mobile computing are critical to successful digital transformation. IDC's Enterprise Mobility: Platforms and Security service helps product, marketing, and strategic planning professionals understand the opportunities, competitive landscape, key trends, and end-user needs in the enterprise mobile infrastructure software markets. This CIS covers key software markets including enterprise mobility management (EMM), as well as client endpoint management (PC- and mobile-specific device management), and unified endpoint management (UEM), including the transition from traditional to modern PC/Mac device management in the enterprise. Also covered is mobile security including mobile application security testing software, mobile applications development platforms, and enterprise location-based software platforms. In addition, this service provides IT professionals with key frameworks and decision-making tools to assist with mobile strategy development.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Mobile application development and deployment tools and platforms
  • Mobile application development best practices and requirements
  • Unified endpoint management software platforms
  • Enterprise mobility management software platforms for device, application, and data management
  • Mobile security software and services, including mobile application security testing software
  • Enterprise mobile location–based service software platforms
  • Mobile operating systems trends relative to the enterprise
  • BYOD trends and software solutions

Core Research

  • Mobile Application Development Platform Forecast and Analysis
  • Enterprise Mobility Management Software Forecast and Analysis
  • Client Endpoint Management Software Forecast and Analysis
  • Mobile Security Software Forecast and Analysis
  • Mobile Application Security Software Forecast and Analysis
  • IDC MarketScape for Enterprise Mobility Management and Unified Endpoint Management
  • IDC MaturityScape for Unified Endpoint Management
  • Enterprise Mobility Demand-Side Analysis
  • IDC MarketScape for Mobility Threat Management
  • IDC TechScape for Mobile Application Security Software
  • IDC MarketScape for Mobile Application Security Software

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. What tools, processes, and strategies are enterprises using to manage the convergence of end-user computing technologies (from mobile smartphones and tablets to PCs and laptops) as well as emerging enterprise wearables technologies?
  2. How are enterprises approaching the development of mobile applications to enhance worker productivity, modernize business processes and workflows, and increase customer satisfaction and revenue?
  3. What methods and best practices exist to create, deploy, manage, and secure access to corporate information on mobile?
  4. What effect will 5G have on enterprise mobility from the perspective of devices and apps to software platforms, security infrastructure, and overall mobile worker productivity?
  5. How are enterprises responding to the risks and security threats regarding mobile operating systems, apps, and services?
  6. How will mobility play into new enterprise workspace management scenarios, including transformation around the future of work in general?
  7. How are organizations leveraging mobility for business transformation and the next-generation workspace?

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Research Director, Enterprise Mobility

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Program Vice President, Enterprise Mobility