Service Provider Adoption Trends and Strategies

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Meet the Experts

Photo of Chris Drake
Chris Drake

Senior Research Director, Compute Infrastructure and Service Provider Trends, Worldwide Infrastructure Research

Photo of Kuba Stolarski
Kuba Stolarski

Research Vice President, Compute Infrastructure and Service Provider Trends, Worldwide Infrastructure Research

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Leon Kao

Senior Research Manager, Compute Infrastructure and Service Provider Trends, Worldwide Infrastructure Research

IDC's Service Provider Adoption Trends and Strategies analyzes the current service offerings, strategies, vendor solution usage, and investment intentions of tier 2 and tier 3 cloud service providers of varying types, including managed service providers (MSPs), systems integrators (SIs), cloud services specialists, cloud brokers, and other providers globally. Key areas of focus include barriers to service adoption and compelling reasons to partner with vendors, as well as service provider "persona" segmentation and potential targeting criteria. Core qualitative research is complemented by quantitative survey data, providing trend analysis as well as evidence-based insights. IDC's Service Provider Adoption Trends and Insights CIS is a companion to the Service Provider View SIS, which is itself part of the BuyerView product catalog. The latter provides annual insights on service provider adoption using a worldwide survey of key executives and decision makers at leading service providers globally.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Macroeconomic factors that affect service provision
  • Cloud technology spending and service investment plans
  • Factors determining partnering capability and choice
  • The selection of cloud vendor technologies and services
  • Current and future business strategy in relation to cloud adoption and investment in general

Core Research

  • Service Provider Spending Priorities
  • The Impact of Macroeconomic Factors on Service Provision and Investment
  • Service Provider Cloud Adoption Trends and Usage Models
  • Evolving Trends in the Market for Managed Services
  • The Role and Importance of Ecosystem Partnerships to Service Delivery
  • The Impact of Sustainability on Service Delivery Strategies and Infrastructure Investments
  • Datacenter Usage Trends Among Service Providers
  • The Evolving Role of AI in Service Delivery
  • The Importance of SaaS/Application Services from a Customer Demand and Revenue Perspective
  • Impact of Inflation on Service Provider Strategies
  • Support Services: Market Dynamics and Delivery Models
  • Cloud Aggregation and Brokering Delivery Models
  • Service Provider Participation in Intel Partnership Programs
  • Service Provider-Focused Case Studies
  • Service Provider News and Event Analysis

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. What sorts of services are "long tail" service providers offering and to what type of customers? How do they expect this to evolve?
  2. What is the state of cloud adoption among cloud service providers and what are the factors driving their service offering decisions?
  3. How do service providers consume cloud and datacenter infrastructure?
  4. Aside from commercial considerations, what other factors influence the size and type of investment in key service offerings? How much do macroeconomic factors matter? What do cloud service providers say they need more of from cloud technology vendors?
  5. What kind of cloud deployments — public, private, and hosted — are being considered for which types of cloud services? What reasons are given for these choices? How much does security, compliance, cost, and return on investment figure in these decisions?
  6. How important are partnerships and ecosystems? Which cloud technology and service vendors are considered the most strategically important to future strategy and why?