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Kuba Stolarski

Vice President, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group

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    This IDC study discusses worldwide edge enterprise infrastructure forecast for 2023–2027. Edge IT is the deployment of IT resources at peripheral or edge locations relative to where an organization's central or core IT is located. The term ...
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    This IDC study provides IDC's top 10 predictions for the future of digital infrastructure for 2024."The digital infrastructure ecosystem will be heavily impacted by GenAI in the coming years," explains Mary Johnston Turner, research VP, Fut...
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    This IDC Market Presentation offers an overview of the worldwide server market and related trends as of the second quarter of 2023. Detailed results were released on September 7, 2023, in IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker and on Sept...
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  • Data center liquid cooling market statue opportunity and challenge 2022


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    Hardware, Telecommunications, Cloud computing

    Planned for CY2023 Q4 Market Note Tech Supplier

  • Equinix Metal and Equinix Fabric: Building Blocks to Accelerate the Journey to Edge and Cloud


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    Software, System infrastructure software, Hardware, Servers, Storage, Enterprise network infrastructure

    Planned for CY2023 Q4 Market Perspective Tech Supplier

  • IDC Peerscape: Infrastructure Deployment Practices for Service Providers


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    Hardware, Telecommunications, Cloud computing

    Planned for CY2023 Q4 IDC PeerScape Tech Buyer

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