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Antonio Wang

Assciate Vice President, Client System Research, Imaging, Printing & Document Solution Research, and Research Operation Center, IDC China

Mr. Antonio Wang is currently the Associate Vice President for IDC China's Client System Research; Imaging, Printing & Document Solution Research, as well as the Research Operation Center. He leads the personal devices business and product team. With more than 15 years of experience in personal consumer device market research and in-depth insights, he commands an extensive influence in the field and is one of the most senior analysts covering China’s personal consumer device market.

Since joining IDC in 2002, Antonio has been reliably innovative and insightful in his research. On a variety of difficult research topics, he has achieved remarkable results in terms of research breadth and depth, data accuracy, process management and consulting research. He leads a team of approximately 30 senior analysts, covering the traditional fields of PC, smartphone, tablet, display and printer, as well as such fields of new-generation smart connected devices as smart home, robot, drone, wearable devices and VR.

Under Antonio’s leadership, in the past two years his team has expanded their research to cover the PC and video game industry, including gaming content, player research and ecosystem tracking. Antonio is unique among industry analysts for combining research on both traditional hardware and the gaming industry. Thanks to the expanded breadth and depth of research under his leadership, IDC’s personal consumer device market research now covers more than 2,000 cities in China, conducts sales in and sales out in different channels and pathways in various of industry fields. IDC is thus now the only market research firm able to conduct hardware surveys and research on over 2,000 cities.

Antonio maintains good relations with numerous vendors and managers in China’s personal consumer device field. He also engages in regular in-depth exchanges and communication with the government, manufacturers, channel distributors, operators and online suppliers, injecting fresh thinking and keen observation into his research. Leveraging his industry influence and recognition gained in recent years, Antonio plays an important role in pushing forward changes in and steering the development direction of China’s personal consumer device market. He is often invited to share his views on the personal consumer device market at important industry conferences and in interviews with Chinese and foreign media, winning wide recognition. He has given brilliant talks at numerous important IT events.



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