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Hiroshi Shibutani

Senior Market Analyst, PC, Mobile & Client Solution, IDC Japan

Hiroshi Shibutani has more than 19 years of technical experience in the Information and Communication Technology industry. In his role as the Senior Market Analyst of IDC's Japan PC Group, he analyzes and forecasts the virtual client computing (including thin client) market in Japan, and contributes insights towards the worldwide thin client tracker program. In addition, he is closely involved in IDC's research of the PC market in Japan as part of the Japan PC Quarterly Model Analysis product.

Before joining IDC Japan, Mr. Shibutani served at IBM Japan, in a software product development /assurance role, developing a career that spanned over 12 years, which also includes PC technical support. After that, he was with Lenovo Japan responsible for PC sales as a pre sales engineer, serving customers mainly in the telecommunication carrier and newspaper publishing industries.

Mr. Shibutani holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from The University of Electoro-Communication, Japan, and a Master of Business Administration from Bond University, Australia.

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