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Middle East and Africa

Jebin George

Senior Research Manager, Software, Cloud, and Industry Transformation, IDC MEA

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    This IDC Market Presentation showcases sovereign cloud trends in the Middle East, Türkiye, and Africa (META) region in 2024. Drawing on insights from IDC's Cloud Survey 2024, it sheds light on cloud adoption in the META region, discusses th...
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    AWS's investment to create a cloud region in Saudi Arabia is a win-win situation. A local datacenter is essential for data residency, which is especially important for more regulated industries. Having several hyperscalers in the kingdom wi...
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    This IDC PlanScape discusses the importance of data governance in the context of generative AI (GenAI). It highlights the need for a disciplined approach to leverage GenAI in organizations, addressing concerns about data control, infrastruc...
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  • Cloud Economics: FinOps Trends in the Middle East & Africa, 2024


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    Cloud computing

    Planned for CY2024 Q2 Market Presentation Tech Supplier

  • IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Intelligent ERP 2024 Predictions


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    Software, Applications, Services, Project-oriented engagement services, Cloud computing, Mobility, Technology buyer, Digital transformation

    Planned for CY2024 Q2 IDC FutureScape Tech Buyer

  • South Africa Enterprise Public and Private Cloud Adoption and Strategic Trends, 2023


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    Software, Big data, Big data analytics and discovery, Hardware, Storage and the cloud, Telecom, broadband and video, Telecommunications, Enterprise mobility, Global IT and economic markets, Cloud computing, Mobility, Internet of things, 3D printer, Digital transformation, Blockchain, Innovation accelerators

    Planned for CY2024 Q2 IDC Survey Tech Supplier

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