Robert Multhaup

Adjunct Research Advisor

This IDC PeerScape explores the mindsets of two highly successful design thinking practitioners and how they have advanced the art and science of design thinking to deliver groundbreaking customer experiences. The document not only focuses ...
This IDC PeerScape provides insights from three major organizations — Nokia, Netflix, and NASA — that are design thinking powerhouses. This document focuses on how to create the interdisciplinary teams, business value, and culture that is n...
This IDC PeerScape collects the experiences and insights of CIOs, change management leaders, and IT leaders who have understood and adopted a new version of change management that deals with the challenges of the future. Emerging best pract...
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    IDC PeerScape: Ubiquitous Processing
    Big data, Cloud services, Big data infrastructure, Enterprise mobility, Cloud computing, Mobility, Technology buyer, Leadership transformation, Omni-experience transformation, Information transformation, Operating model transformation, WorkSource transformation

    Planned for CY2022 Q3 IDC PeerScape Tech Buyer

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