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James Wang

Senior Research Manager

James Wang, senior research manager with IDC China's Enterprise System and Software Research, focuses on research and analysis on the China network security market hardware, software, and service-related research work. He provides intelligence and consulting services for local and multinational corporation IT vendors.

In IDC, James has developed a deep understanding of the China network security market, including market scale and development trend, network security vendor, channel planning and management, and the like. He has accumulated a wealth of market knowledge and experience through research in this field. In addition, James is also responsible for related fields of special research and analysis work. His responsibilities mainly cover project questionnaire design, desk research, project planning and management, in-depth interviews, data processing, and subsequent analysis.

James has over 16 years of network security research experience, Prior to joining IDC, he worked in Neusoft Group Co., Ltd. and AsiaInfo Technologies (China) Inc. He was responsible for network security industry research and consulting services.

James graduated from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and received a master's degree in business administration.

2017年12月8日,由合肥市人民政府、中国电子信息行业联合会、新华三集团联合主办,合肥高新区管委会、新华三信息安全技术有限公司承办,合肥市数据资源局、安徽省农村信用社联合社协办的2017合肥网络安全大会成功召开。大会围绕“感知安全 智御未来”主题,向业界全面展现了新华三在网络安全方面的公司战略和市场进展情况,同时展现了新华三与合作伙伴所构建的安全生态,并正式发布新华三网络安全风险态势感知系统。伴随2017年6月1日中国《网络安全法》的正式实施,中国网络安全市场进入历史新阶段...
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IDC FutureScape:全球安全产品2018年预测–中国启示

Jan 2018 - Tech Buyer Presentation - Doc # CHC43501418

by: James WangTommy Zhao

2017年,随着大数据、云计算、物联网等新兴领域在全球范围内的不断普及,全球范围内的IT安全正在发生颠覆。一方面,安全供应商正在积极利用这些新兴技术来完善自身产品,另一方面,如何保护云计算、物联网等新兴领域本身的安全更是业内的痛点所在。而这些领域正是IDC提出下一代安全技术的范畴,未来的安全市场更是会极大程度的受这些新兴安全技术驱动而增长。而这些技术又为未来带来了哪些变化,IDC 安全产品十大预测将诠释未来几年最明显的安全市场变化情况。
With companies embarking on their digital transformation journey, CEOs have added responsibilities and face more challenges apart from just hitting the figures. Cybersecurity has gained more attention from board members and top management. ...
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