target audience: TECH BUYER  Publication date: Mar 2023 - Document type: IDC Perspective - Doc  Document number: # AP49700922

Buyer Case Study: Zuellig Pharma Builds a Blockchain-Powered Trustworthy Supply Chain


  • Sandeep Sharma
  • Deepika Giri Loading


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Table of Contents

  • Executive Snapshot

    • Figure: Executive Snapshot: Blockchain Enables a Trustworthy Supply Chain for Zuellig Pharma

    • About the Report

  • situation overview

    • Introduction to Zuellig Pharma

    • Problem Statement: The Need for Visibility and Trust in Pharma Supply Chains

    • Figure: Key Concerns in Pharma Supply Chains

    • Solution: eZTracker, a Blockchain-Enabled Supply Chain Application

    • The Multi-Persona Impact of Blockchain Implementation in the Zuellig Pharma Supply Chain

    • Figure: The Multi-Persona Impact from Blockchain Adoption in the Zuellig Pharma Supply Chain

  • Advice for the Technology Buyer

    • Key Lessons and Considerations

    • Figure: Key Tech Leadership Considerations for Blockchain Investments

  • Learn More

    • Related Research

    • Methodology

    • Synopsis