Enabling Technologies: DRAM and NAND Memory

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Meet the Experts

Photo of Mario Morales
Mario Morales

Group Vice President, Enabling Technologies and Semiconductors

Photo of Soo Kyoum Kim
Soo Kyoum Kim

Associate Vice President, Memory Semiconductors

IDC's Enabling Technologies: DRAM and NAND Memory research service analyzes the demand and supply in the DRAM and NAND market: system application trends, content per box, memory configurations by interface, capacity by each chip supplier, overall production capacity, breakout of volumes by process technologies, and contract pricing. This service will add insight on more specific memory areas such as server memory (TAM, DIMM, SSD, etc.), new AI memory (HBM, GDDR, etc.), and new interface (CXL, etc.).

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • DRAM/NAND demand and supply forecast: Memory demand by application, content per box, memory interface, and chip vendor supply volume; capacity projection and process technology migration; market balance and market pricing by density; supplier market share; market cycle; and revenue growth
  • Server memory consumption by workload, and server memory market size and average content per box by server workload for server DRAM and NAND (SSD)
  • Server DRAM DIMM consumption by workload and server storage device (DRAM DIMM) forecast
  • Emerging interface market forecast: CXL market
  • New AI memory forecast: HBM and GDDR
  • Memory process technology road map: Planar or 3D technology migration road map by industry and leading supplier type

Core Research

  • Worldwide DRAM Demand and Supply Update
  • Worldwide NAND Demand and Supply Update
  • Worldwide Server Memory Consumption by Workload
  • Emerging Memory Market Forecast

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. What is the outlook for the memory market over the next couple of years, and what will the impact on pricing be?
  2. How different is server memory compared with PC and mobile memory?
  3. What is the market size of and forecast for server DIMMs and SSD devices?
  4. What is the feasibility of next-generation memory architectures over the next three to five years?
  5. What are the memory and SSD requirements for server workloads?