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Mario Morales

Group Vice President, Enabling Technologies and Semiconductors

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    This IDC study provides IDC’s 2024 top 10 predictions for generative artificial intelligence.“Generative AI is more than a fleeting trend or mere hype. It is a transformative technology with far-reaching implications and business impact,” s...
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    This IDC study provides vendor market shares for the worldwide semiconductor market for 2Q22."Unit demand degradation is rooted in higher inflation, changing consumer buying behavior, China's COVID-19 shutdown, and a global macro slowdown. ...
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    This IDC Market Presentation was given during the semiconductor virtual road show for Asia/Pacific on February 16, 2023.The webinar agenda covers:Microeconomics and ICT trendsCurrent market forecasts by industry and product sectorState of t...
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    Consumer, Big data, Hardware, Semiconductor, Cloud computing, Mobility, Digital transformation

    Planned for CY2023 Q4 IDC Perspective Tech Buyer