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CMO Advisory Service

Actionable Insight for Marketing and Technology Executives

IDC's CMO Advisory Service guides marketing and technology leaders as they master the science of marketing in the age of the customer. Digital transformation offers CMOs the opportunity to become revenue drivers and architects of the customer experience. Leaders leverage IDC's deep industry knowledge, powerful quantitative models, peer-tested practices, and personalized guidance to advance their operations. Whether seeking fresh perspectives on core challenges or counsel on emerging developments, IDC offers a trusted source of insight.

Guiding the Digital Transformation of Marketing

The bar for marketing has been raised again. Marketing now plays a larger and more critical role in delivering quality customer experiences (CX), fast becoming a primary source of competitive advantage. Marketing leaders have progressed competencies such as content marketing, data/analytics, and digital campaign management. However, new requirements continue to be revealed. Companies will fail at their CX initiatives if marketing doesn't accelerate capabilities including customer centricity, customer journey–driven content, team-based organizational models, and mastery of artificial intelligence (AI) and new digital channels. The following are questions that IDC's CMO Advisory Service helps answer:

  • How should I organize my team and invest my budget?
  • What are leaders doing to better engage with customers?
  • How do I develop the next generation of marketing competencies?
  • How can I best use data, intelligence, and AI to drive customer centricity?


  • Benchmarking and Organizational Planning Tools: The Marketing Investment Planner provides benchmarks and KPIs to support budgeting, organizational structure, technology investment, and measurement. A custom benchmark analysis compares your organization with a select target group, providing a comprehensive gap analysis with actionable recommendations.
  • Modern Marketing Competency Research and Frameworks: To support your marketing transformation and growth, IDC offers IDC MaturityScape, IDC PeerScape, IDC Perspective, and other models that guide strategy, operations, measurement, technology selection, and performance.
  • Buyer Insights and the Voice of the Customer: IDC examines the buyers' preferences, attitudes, and behaviors concerning today's marketing and selling practices.
  • Peer Networking: The Marketing Leadership Board Meeting meets twice each year to support our clients' efforts in effective transformation and growth. Peer-to-peer calls provide rich discussion on key topics.
  • Workshops and Webcasts: Team education via webcasts on trending topics and peer-to-peer "hot topic" calls inspires fresh perspectives.
  • Inquiry Support: There is unlimited inquiry access to practice analysts, ad hoc research from our extensive database, and facilitated member-to-member discussions upon request.

Five Disciplines of Customer-Centric Modern Marketing

CMO Advisory Group Research Topics

Marketing Investment and Transformational Operations

  • Investment planning, marketing-mix planning, operations planning, annual budgeting, digital marketing, marketing technology, marketing operations, use of customer journey, and intelligence
  • Building competency in accountability, business management, and attribution
  • Understanding strategies of disrupters and leaders

Application of New Technology for Marketing

  • Guidance on the implications of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, AR/VR and other innovation accelerators
  • Guidance on technology-related practices including data-driven marketing, predictive analytics, and the CMO-CIO relationship

The New Marketing Organization

  • Organizational design, staff allocation benchmarks, role definition, talent development, shared services and centers of excellence, organizational alignment and interlock, and change management
  • Designing the marketing organization of the future

Delivering the New Customer Experience

  • Mapping and responding to the B2B customer decision journey
  • Developing transformational marketing competencies: Content marketing, customer intelligence and analytics, integrated digital and social engagement, sales and channel enablement, and loyalty and advocacy

Consulting, Thought Leadership, and Custom Research Capabilities

IDC provides marketing-specific consulting capabilities to complement the CMO Advisory Service benefits. Sample engagements include:

Marketing Effectiveness and Organizational Transformation

IDC can assess, benchmark, and score today's marketing organization and transformational capabilities and design a future state structure, a skills checklist, and a prioritized, actionable road map.


IDC can provide seminars, training, and half-day or full-day workshops on a wide range of marketing effectiveness and marketing transformation topics. Workshops include research presentation, discussion, and exercises.

Thought Leadership and Sales Enablement Content

IDC can develop and deliver custom research-based content such as webcasts, event speeches, and white papers for use in training and for go-to-market campaign offers.

Custom Research

IDC can design and conduct custom research, frameworks, and models to provide insightful answers to your specific business questions. Popular topics include marketing benchmarks, buyer behavior, buyer's journey, and dashboard development.

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