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Shane Rau

Research Vice President, Computing Semiconductors

Shane Rau leads IDC's computing semiconductor and supply chain research within IDC's Enabling Technologies team. His research covers microprocessors and SoCs, discrete and integrated graphics processors, and memory in both general computing systems, like PCs and servers, and embedded and intelligent systems, like printers, thin clients, and storage systems. 

Mr. Rau provides in-depth insight and intelligence on market sizing, forecasting, technology trends, vendor analysis, pricing trends, supply and demand analysis, and market share. Through collaboration with PC, storage, and contract manufacturing analyst colleagues, Mr. Rau spearheads IDC research initiatives into the PC supply chain, PC technology and interface attach rates, as well as into the changing semiconductor vendor market power dynamics.

Mr. Rau has over 25 years of experience tracking general IT and computing technology and market trends for technical and non-technical audiences. Prior to joining IDC in 2001, he was a technical editor for PC World magazine where he tracked the semiconductor industry, edited articles for technical accuracy, and led a staff of 50 editors in article planning, presenting technical material, and data analysis.


Intel Launches Neural Network Processor

Oct 2017 - IDC Link - Doc # lcUS43170217

by: Michael J. PalmaShane Rau

Intel's announcement of the Nervana Neural Network Processor (NNP), formerly code-named Lake Crest, reflects the significant realignment of the computing semiconductor markets as vendors and customers pursue data processing solutions, inclu...
On April 27, 2017, Intel announced earnings for FY 1Q17. Intel drove revenue of $14.8 billion (up 8% YoY) and operating income of $3.6 billion (up 40%). After a record-setting 2016, the company returned a strong opening salvo to 2017 by man...
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