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Lianfeng Wu

Vice President, Chief Research Analyst

Wu Lianfeng is Vice President and Chief Analyst of IDC China with over 20 years of experience working in the IT industry. Since joining IDC in 2000, Lianfeng has accumulated extensive research and consulting experience in the areas of overall IT market, software and service outsourcing, vertical industry market, and internet and new media. He has served clients from various backgrounds, including well-known IT vendors, financial and venture capitals, government departments, the Foreign Economic Trade Bureau and the Information Office of major outsourcing base cities, telecom carriers, and internet companies. The services he provides cover strategic planning, marketing strategy, competitive strategy, user needs analysis, and other aspects. His expertise is to provide clients with research and consulting solutions based on a comprehensive and multi-angle analysis.

Prior to joining IDC, Lianfeng worked with China Academe Launch-vehicle Technology (CALT), China Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd., Jardine Pacific (JOS) Information Technology Co., Ltd., accumulating 9 years of working experience in the field of IT and telecommunications.

Lianfeng holds an MBA from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, a master's degree in engineering from China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, and a bachelor's degree in engineering from the University of Electronic Science and Technology.

IDC identified five strategic areas China is determined to focus on. Staying away from these may lead to missed opportunities both along the Belt and Road and in China.

Jun 2017 - IDC Link - Doc # lcCHC42661917

by: Peng Ma,  Lianfeng Wu

2017年4月,华为宣布成立Cloud BU,正式进军公有云市场。华为私有云产品和公有云服务的技术同构特性,加上丰富的生态合作伙伴资源,将帮助华为稳固在竞争日趋激烈的中国政务云市场中的地位。
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China's Belt and Road Initiative, 2018

Apr 2018 - Market Presentation - Doc # US43705518

by: Chris DongLianfeng Wu

This IDC Market Presentation touches upon up-to-date developments on China's globalization initiative — "Belt and Road" — and how the initiative has fared among China's overall outbound direct investments and cross-border ecommerce trades. ...
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